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[Tracktalk/Spoiler] Gran Pemi Cinzano de Catalunya

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. It's that time again folks, here is the latest and greatest motoGP report and predictions, from Australias motorcycle racing central - MOGO.

    Qualifying is about to get underway, in a couple hours, and currently there is a 20% chance of showers predicted during the fight for pole position.
    Tomorrows weather is looking a little better, with only an overcast day on the cards.

    It is good to see Hayden, on the Honda, setting a nice pace in free practice 3 and also Pedrossa showed promise in the earlier free practice only to be beaten later on by the satellite honda rider Randy De Puniet.
    Casey is showing very good form, leading the last free practice, however, last years race winner was only just at the front, with the entire top 10 less than a second off his pace.
    Rossi has been quiet, but with his dominance and prowess demonstrated so far this year, we wont be expecting him to place anywhere but the top 3.
    Young local, Jorge Lorenzo, is reported to be unavailable to compete in the main race, due to a concussion recieved after an altercation with physics and gravity in fridays 2nd free practice. The kid is good, but is he going to be just like our casey and prove to be more of a crasher, than a competitor?

    Our boy, Chris Vermeulen looks to be lapping nicely, and as for last GP, if it does somehow rain...expect him on, or near, the podium.

    Colin Edwards has been very consistent this year in both qualifying and free practice at all venues, but seems to lose his mojo on race day. can catalunya prove to be more fruitful for the yank?

    When all is said and done, I cant see any change to last weeks podium attendees except for the order of course.
    If i were you, I would put the house, and the childrens inheritance on -
    1. Stoner
    2. Rossi
    3. Pedrosa

    Over to you.
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  3. [​IMG]

    watch that elbow casey :p
  4. Race is on FTA Channel 10 HD at 9.40pm tonight :grin:
  5. I think the ducati's back on song...im gonna say it...stoner to win.
  6. Booth, I am with you. No Foxtel or HD TV where I am at the moment and was too buggered to walk around the corner to watch it after the big day at the island .... or maybe it was the big day yesterday, so who won?
  7. well my crystal ball is broken right now.... so i will have to wait until the race is over to tell you :LOL:
  8. Fark....
  9. the ducati is on a comeback, and if i boxed the trifecta, i would have come out a winner.
    top 3 correct, reverse order :rofl:

    top race, with exceptional work by rossi to thread his way to the front.
  10. OMG! Pedrosa smiled....Obviously Danibot received a code update.

    Did you see the sliding from Rossi and Stoner? And did you hear the Honda on the exit of some of the turns...just awesome.
  11. ok... have figured out how to change the channel to 10 and will stay up an watch it, a bit more racing for the day........ nice
  12. listening to the commentary, they were saying that dani has been under the pump to nail a race. more from the perspective of battling a win, but to smash the field sure shows that he is the business.

    Stoner could learn a great deal from rossi. whenever they battle, it is always excitement plus. rossi to give melandri the boot from ducati?? :rofl: if only that were to happen.
  13. Great to see Stacey get Gibbered by the Rossi of old, even if it was in pastel pink lace-up leathers.

    I keep saying it, even though that was Pedrosa's home track, when he gets away there's nobody in the field that can run near him - and when the Hondas get the pneumatic valve engine and the power to run with the pack in a straight line, he's going to be the major (only?) threat to a Rossi title.
  14. so pedrosa has hit the lead........ unbelievable
  15. Nice battle, Rossi vs Stoner. Surprising ride from Pedrosa, nice to see a Honda at the front for once.

    Poor Lorenzo, he's had more injuries in MotoGP in half a season than Rossi had in his first several years in the class...
  16. Stoner still looks like he's manhandling the bike around the track. Rossi on the other hand looks so smooth.

    Couldn't notice Stoner shking his head when he got off the bike back in the pits...still not happy with the set up.
  17. now it is the 250's.... my favorite.
    And will the 500cc title be decided at the Island?
  18. I am curious, Is anyone else as annoyed with the Director as I have been in recent times? Why does the Director or whoever chooses what camera to switch to insist in changing to stupid shots right in the heat of a good battle, Now I ride a Ducati but I'm not a one eyed Ducati Supporter, I thought the racing last night was great to watch with Rossi and Stoner and a quite a few other Riders all going for it Hammer and Tongs!, but just as some one makes a pass or makes a move a few seconds later the tool chooses to show a shot of the crowd or like last week Brad Pitt.

    Now I know the Crowd he cut to was Rossi's fan club in the stand, But when your trying to see if Stoner was going to make a comeback on the next corner.....You can't because the Idiot is directing the Camera for crowd shots.

    He did it a few weeks ago in china, Good battle between 2 back markers, one of the riders trys to make a pass.... And we cut to a picture of a half empty grandstand, WTF?!?

    Is the Guy Drunk?
    I watch the WSBK and they seem to stay with the racing more, Stay with the Battles, But MotoGP seem to want cover the race, Spectators, Tree's, The Weather, Nature shots......

    What do you think?
  19. The director was giving me fits towards the end. Even the onboard shot with Pedrosa at the end was badly timed.

    Motogp is obsessed with it's own importance, hence lot of celebrities, lots of crowds and shots of itself.
  20. much sadness, but not a bad race to watch. The power of that ducati is still amazing, the only reason rossi was able to hold on down the straights was the wind tunnel effect. When he moved to the side to overtake, its like he hit the brakes. Yet when stoner was chasing him, he gained at an unbelievable rate.

    Stoner, made a heap of little mistakes early on, and his lines dont seem...spot on. This season, i dont think he has actually overtaken anyone in a corner.

    As my dad said the other day

    Random work collegue: that stoner guy is riding pretty bad hey...
    Dad: i wish i could ride as bad as him