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[Tracktalk/Spoiler] Dutch Grand Prix, A-Style TT Assen

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by _joel_, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. is it really that time already?

    it sure is, with only a 6 day turnaround the motogp boys are back underway and well and truly smacking out some cracking laps at Assen.
    Much to loz's relief, i am sure, our boy Casey smashed the field in thursdays FP1&2 and has pipped the pole position record by one third of a second already. Stoner fans will be hoping he can throw the bike around during tonights qualifying, in order to officially break that record.

    The only other riders even in the 36's were rossi and edwards (i still remember someone loling edwards last week :? ) and right behind them is hayden on the mighty new...or should i say pneu? :p honda, heh.
    Rossi is in new territory here, after winning last year on michelin. this year, as we are all aware, he's running bridgestones, which has the team at Fiat Yamaha working very hard to get the setup right.

    No good news for suzuki, with Capirossi pushing hard in last nights free practice, only to come unstuck in a nasty, flicky, whippy, highside that saw his right arm caught somewhere between the bike, the road, and the pain threshold. He has been ruled out of the race on saturday, and suzuki has decided against rushing in his stunt-double Ben Spies.

    But where is Dani? i hear you ask.
    he is sitting respectably in the low 37's. Michelin want results at Assen, with rossi jumping ship, and I am sure that by race day, Dani will be shod well, and up with the big boys.

    I'm half expecting hayden to do good things, but when it comes to putting the house, wife and kids on a bet, there really is only a handful of riders to pick from this year.
    Last weeks stab in the dark, wasnt really so much of a risk. but with the limited sleep i am getting at the moment, i'm throwing all caution to the wind to say;

    1. Stoner - @ more than 7 tenths of a second per lap advantage, it's his race to lose.
    2. Edwards - because he's talking it up in the media, and needs to do something.
    3. ped..nah, ros..nah, Hayden - because i'll look good if he does, and if not, i'll lose the new kid and get some glorious sleep.

    rossi will run off the track, pedrosa will fight with hayden for third, and jorge will thread the field from the rear to earn some more quality points.

    over to you.
  2. It's rumoured that the weather may be a little sketchy come race day. In Assen term, it's going to be either 35 dgress or pi$$ing down.

    As for Ben Spies choosing not to race due to a day lost in practise, that is a mistake in my eyes, and it could be a chance for this VERY talented rider to prove himself on the world stage. This guy has truly stuck to Mat Mladen this year in the AMA series. Wierd riding style as well so I point all the Kieth Code devotees at photos of Ben in action and tell me there is a perfect body position on a motorbike.
  3. Lately he has been sticking it to Mladin!
  4. Spies chose not to ride because....

    ( see the story on motogp.com and crash.net etc )

    Assen is a track he has never raced on and he would be starting preparations from a point 1 day ( 2 free practice sessions ) behind everybody else.

    He has testing in the weeks following in preparation for his rides in both the upcoming US rounds.

    Wise choice, I think..... :cool:

    Early practice time would have you think its Casey's race to loose......

    and if it rains...... Stoner, Vermulen, Westy...

    Aussie, aussie, aussie.....that'd be cool.....

    And also ....look out for young Aussie, Dylan Mavin to do well in the Red Bull Rookies Cup.
  5. I can't think of a better way to go testing.

    Strange Bike. Check.
    Wierd Tyres. Check.
    Unknown Racetrack. Check.
    Variable Weather. Check.
    Other crazy b@st@rds out there trying to win sheep stations. Check.

    Saddle up bucko!!!
  6. And the crazy thing is, the hot gossip is that it's Vermulen that the team may well let go. Chris may not be setting the World on fire, but at least he generally stays on the thing.

    Stoner, whilst incredibly quick had a few moments during the laps after his fastest.
  7. yeah, for sure.
    i was eagerly awaiting an almighty crash last night, watching him all out of shape when he was going trough the chicane, just near pit entry (T18?).
    Once time, im sure you saw too cejay, he lost the rear, then showed half a high-side, then cracked the throttle to stabilize only to transfer the wobble to the front, and only saving it by hoisting it a little skyward. if there was no electronic rider aids he would have bit hard. he shit himself with that one i reckon, 'cause he did a 1:57 for the next lap and then went straight in for adjustments.
  8. To his underwear! See him talking to the Ohlins guy? It was like 'where the fark did that come from?!'
  9. I think thats part of stoners style, he relies on the aids a fair bit, and it just take him a bit of time to get them set up at the track. You can tell when he gets it wrong, its mostly predominate in the sweepers, where despite the ducatis better power, its slowest through the sweepers, i tend to think this is the traction control limiting the power. I also think he is pushing it to see how far he can go.

    Id hate to see the mighty V gone from suzuki, but would be nice to see him make a move to honda, hayden needs to move on and chris has the talent to run at the front with a good bike underneath him, something suzuki have never really given him.

    Rossi is a machine. You can never count him out, he is a racer. And i think thats the best way to describe him, he can bust out the lap times with the best of them...but at race time...i think he is the best passer. The only bloke in recent time that has been gifted with the ability to dice and fight through the corners was gibernau, who i personally thought was better at it, but streakier, id love to see gibernau blast a bultaco metralla about...just for histories sake.
  10. copy Loz?
  11. Stoner and CV on dukes, 2009!!!!!!!
  12. Could be the end of CV though! As much as I dislike Casey, it's not his riding ability that's in question. He has truly gelled with that machine.
  13. Or the making of him in MotoGP?? They really need to get people to jump on the beast and show what they can do before they are signed up. This employing riders on previous form is plain stupid.
  14. Most teams do not allow a contracted rider to ride another manufacturers bike. So only riders who are out of contract would be in a position to ride the Duck and see if they can make it work. A rider who is out of contract isn't always the person you want, as good riders tend to get snapped up before hand.
  15. Yeah i know Cejay. I just can't think of any other job where you are hired without knowing whether you can do the job or not :?
  16. Just about all of them? If you're a programmer, they don't get you to write their production code just to see if you can. They look at what you have done in the past. As a sysadmin, they don't get you to do system administration for a few weeks and then contract you. Sure, they ask you questions, get references and look for your past performances to use that as an indicator for future potential.

    If I was any other rider, I wouldn't touch that bike with a barge pole. Unless you are convinced it's a rider issue, you'd have to ask yourself what you're getting yourself into?
  17. cejay, did you hear the whisper during the donnington GP that hayden may venture over to ducrappy?
    i dont remember which commentator said it, but it was one of those comments that was quickly hushed by the co-commentator. inside info? or speculative BS?
    i reckon casey would have a super-mega-hissy-fit if his championship predecessor joined on level terms. and to be honest, nicky likes a bike that bucks, moves, and oozes grunt.
  18. Am I right thinking this is on telly (Ten free) at 1am saturday night / sunday morning, unlike the usual sunday night showing?

    Heads up to all if it is...
  19. Hope so.
  20. It is. Qualifying is on Friday night instead of Saturday night.