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[Tracktalk/Spoiler] British Grand Prix, Donington

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. so, the book is open this week, with Hayden giving the Pneumatic valve engine a run at donington, and if Fridays Free Practice is anything to go by, we could be seeing the long awaited return of repsol hondas dominance in the premier class.
    Pedrosa declined the new engine, deciding to run with the conventional spring-return valve system of old and incidentally (but not necessarily related) proved to be almost half a second behind the pace of his recently under performing team mate. Pedrosa did, however, part with his bike on Friday, which would definitely be affecting his times. One also has to wonder what injuries he is carrying since dumping it in Barcelona at the monday post-race testing, after blitzing the field in the main race.
    Casey seems to have found a reasonable compromise with his setup, and is by far and away the fastest man on track at the moment. The media is reporting stoner to be "upbeat" about the changes that were made after catalunya, and all going well, we should see him dominate the field at donington.
    Rossi has been decidedly quiet, but is still sitting in a very threatening 3rd according to FP lap times. this guy is a professional and always turns up on race day.

    I just dont know who to put my money on this week (not that i bet on motoGP) as casey has had my hopes up on numerous occasions, only to be comprehensively outraced most times. I dont really know if pedrosa will turn up to race, or just place....and the return of a competitive hayden?!?
    so lets have a wild and crazy stab in the dark;

    1. Stoner
    2. Edwards
    3. Rossi


    we'll see!
  2. You may be wrong on the Colin Edwards tip. He is rarely there on raceday.
  3. Donnington is Edward's favourite track.
  4. Qualifying- the wet weather boys come out to play!

    And -
    Stand in Suzuki AMA Superbike rider Ben Spies ahead of Pedrobot.
    And Lorenzo second last!!!
  5. West is ok in the wet. Best qual position so far.
  6. I think you start to see the dirt tracker in the riders in the wet.
  7. Yep. Could be a factor.
  8. I dunno if I can manage to stay up and watch the CH10 FTR coverage... 1:15am... might need to be a PVR and alarm job.

    IIRC Rossi doesn't like Donnington... he'll be top5 I reckon... Casey's hungry though, so I reckon he'll win... won't bank the mortgage on it though... the competition has been pretty good this season thus far.
  9. :woot: Go Chris!!! :grin:
  10. lol edwards.
  11. 250cc...

    Simoncelli, you are a cock of the highest order.
  12. :LOL: true, true..
  13. Unfair, a legitimate racing move, if Mika hadn't been so close it would have come off.

    MotoGP: Yay Casey :)
  14. Ah Stacey, how we have missed your winning form. The races have been far too boisterous and entertaining this season, a sincere thanks from the MotoGP coffee night crowd for getting back out in front and letting our conversation turn to an examination of real estate prices.

    P.S. Get fcuked and die.
  15. as a ducati fan, im happy to see a return of the robot laps...lol as a racing fan...not so much.

    I think the bike is sorted now, and there are going to be alot more races like that to end the season.
  16. :LOL: Really? What races have been boisterous and entertaining? Just because Pedrosa or Rossi are the ones 4 secs out in front doesnt make the race any more interesting. Theres hasnt really been a good fight for first position all year so far (although i missed the last two, perhaps these were up to your entertainment standards loz? :p )
  17. Simoncelli has done way too much of this recently. That move, taken in isolation doesn't look too bad. Add it to his other crazy stuff and it's difficult to not see a pattern.

    When you say 'if Mika hadn't been so close'....but he was, wasn't he? All he ended up doing was finishing in second (which he was going to anyway) and almost causing another rider to nearly crash and in the process creating a bit of a reputation.
  18. There was an interesting podcast a few weeks ago discussing why we are happy to see Danibot or Rossi win by 10s, but not Casey. The consensus was that last year, the nature of Stoner's victories were predictable. He would overtake someone on the straight (at the beginning of the year the Duc had an undeniable hp advantage). He'd do this by following closely all lap and then simply wait for the straight to come and the blast past. That wasn't the cut and thrust we actually like to watch. By the end of the year, the hp gap had been reduced and Stoner had to work a little harder, but the Duc was still the most powerful bike out there.

    This year the hp levels are more or less the same. But Stoner is saddled with that reputation from last year. Add to that his hissy fit nature (he's not known for his patience) and his apparent total lack of personality and it's a hell of a lot easier to like someone who wins by 10s when they actually appear to enjoy their job.
  19. :rofl: :rofl:

    go casey :p :p

    i particularly loved the:
    and whoever lol'd edwards....4th isnt so bad, is it? ;)
  20. Yep I'll happily put my hand up and admit my dislike of Stoner has moved beyond the rational into something far more powerful. I don't like the way he wins, I don't like him when he loses, I don't like the way he interviews. Last night's race wasn't a lot less interesting than Pedrosa's win in Spain but I'd still pinch off a loaf in Stacey's boot if I found myself alone with it.