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[Tracktalk/Spoiler] Alice Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Our boy Stoner, has shown a good advantage in both free practice sessions, thumping out some rock-solid laps in the glorious weather that germany has had on offer today. He did appear to have a textbook hissyfit when his bike wonged under him and forced him wide, and off track during a fast lap.
    His nearest hot-lap rival has been Randy De Puniet, who is the only other rider to break in to the 21's. I dont have a great deal of faith in De Puniet, as he always laps well in practice, but doesnt seem to apply the game face on D-Day. He is doing wonders for Honda Gresini, though, and maybe,just maybe, he will make a podium appearance.

    Rossi doesnt seem to let too much of his attack-plan out in FP. He is much more calculated in these sessions, and appears to focus very intently on improving certain splits, during his laps, as opposed to stoners drive to be the outright fastest. He has a lot to prove in this race, and was reported to have said midweek, that hopefully his Assen mistake, will be his last for the season.

    The repsol honda boys, whilst not too far off the pace, seem to be undergoing some serious adjustments, or are taking on Rossis attitude, of working on the puzzle pieces individually, and then putting it all together on race day. The media is suggesting a Stoner v Pedrosa battle, for the top spot, which could get awful messy and gift The Doctor an easy win.

    Ant west has to do something in germany. he must be very nervous about getting a ride next year.

    Edwards leaned beyond his limits in FP2, and subsequently lowsided, resulting in minimal injury, but it just shows that he really wants to prove he is still a firm competitor.

    Upon studying the entire form, lorenzo looks to be eyeing off a podium spot, so dont be surprised. his confidence is building back up, and he appears to be wearing his balls of steel again.

    My guess, for Germany is;

    1. Stoner (just because i can feel loz's disgust from here :LOL: )
    2. Lorenzo
    3. Rossi

    dont bet the house on it though, my tips are normally ok, but i am by no means leading the NR tipping comp :rofl:

    over to you.
  2. There is no tipping comp, but next season I will get one up.
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  4. It'll be interesting to watch what happens. Rossi and Pedrosa aren't too far off, but the speed and consistency of Stoner is ominous. His crash in FP2 could have been MUCH worse than it was.

    Interesting to see that he went back to the pits and was quite calm, composed and even looked at the camera without a scowl. His Motogp.com interview was more open as well, admitting to some tyre issues, but the race itself could well end up being another tedious yawnfest.
  5. Joel, you are right about the tipping comp. I was having a "seniors moment" I would like to do one, In House , for next season.
  6. Does that mean at the next IC, I have to respect you as my elder?
  7. Cliff, one whack from my zimmer frame, and I will have your full attention!
  8. OK, I respect you....
  9. About time
  10. gotta love edwards' nature in an interview, he's tops.

    results from qualifying

    1. Stoner
    2. Pedrosa
    3. Edwards
    4. Dovizioso
    5. Lorenzo
    6. De Puniet
    7. Rossi
    8. Hayden
    9. Nakano
    10. De Angelis
    11. Toseland
    12. Elias
    13. Capirossi
    14. Vermeulen
    15. Guintoli
    16. Melandri
    17. West

    Stoner - New Circuit/Pole Record 1'21"067
  11. Should be a good race.
  12. :rofl:

    nicely done.
  13. Thanks joel for your info.
    it is listed in the weekend papers, as being on TEN HD at 9.50 pm.
  14. yeah 9.50 is for the lead up stuff. going by website, race starts 10pm our time. i'll have it switched on for sure. i say it every race, but gotta love 10hd :cool: cheaper than foxtel :wink:
  15. 9 hours to go
  16. Whats the weather like? West needs a wet track
  17. Yeah, he does. He needs an injection of confidence too.
  18. Westy just doesn't have the intelligence to set up a sophisticated MotoGP bike. Stick him on a Supersport bike which has very little room for adjustment or wet weather which requires pure talent, which he definitely has, and he smokes 'em and can ride thru most of the set up problems, but you can't ride thru the problems on one of these things, ask Melandri, so he is EFF YOU SEE KAY EEE DEED.

    While I have the soap box one question or opinion rather. Why does Rossi always race on the warm up lap? While he is sitting there waiting for Casey to arrive, who makes a point of being close to last away on the warm up lap, his tyres are getting colder as are his brakes while the engine is sitting at idle for up to 1 minute and his plugs are getting dirtier and dirtier. Rossi is regularly the worst away.

    Simple stuff you would think that the highest paid people in motorcycle racing would be right onto, but then again........
  19. I don't have a techincal opinion on that (your anaylsis seems to make a lot of sense) but since he has so often ridden round the leaders from the rear, maybe he thinks he doesn't have such a need of a great start:?.
  20. Yeah I'm with you there Hornet, but when he was on a 500 or even the Honda 4 stroke it wasn't a problem but, nowadays on the Yamaha he can't afford to give away 5 seconds to the leader in the first 10 laps. Even HIS brilliance aint gonna be a second a lap quicker on these 4 strokes, they are just too close.

    His old school training may just be TOO old school.