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Trackmaster for android

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by jlyon9, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Bought this halfway through the day at QR on wednesday.

    I have to say for the price ($10) it is quite outstanding. Plenty of features including:
    Customisable split markers - just tap anywhere on the map to set your marker(s).
    Apply new markers to old sessions.
    Multiple User Profiles
    Multiple Vehicle profiles
    Multiple Vehicle setups with comprehensive notes for: Brakes, Suspension, Engine (Maps, mixtures, gear ratios), Tyres (brand, compound, profile, pressures).
    I set the app up to start once I cross the first split marker and put the phone in the trunk and pressed start.
    Lap times show red lines for braking points, green for acceleration and blue for neutral points. Maps overlay straight on top of google maps so you can see all of this information layered on top of the satellite image of the track.
    G-meter for Accel & Lateral G forces
    Lap info highlights best time for the session and also shows top speed and average speed.
    You can also export all data to microsoft excel tables or .jpg files if you wish!

    Only got it setup and working for my last session but can't wait to use it at lakeside sometime soon.
    Its great because i've been to QR 3 times and never know what times I am posting.
  2. Thanks for that jlyon9, good information. Now all I need is an android ph. Oh, and enough money to start doing track days again. LOL. Seriously, it sounds like a great piece of kit.

    If you find out what lap times you were doing at QR, let me know. The track days put on by Motorcycle Sportsmen use (used?) actual race transponders, and there's a printout of lap times after each session. No sectors or splits or anything, but.
  3. Hey mate, yeah i've done one at morgan park (late last year) and the service there is outstanding. Even more so that they put you in with others based on your times and not on whatever group you feel like throwing yourself into.

    I only got it working by 6th session and i was pretty knackered, but my best time was 1:30.178, top speed on that lap was 216.17 kph and average of 127.74.

    My top speed for the session was 226.76 but only averaged 120.85 kph on that lap.

    Did i mention you can tap ANYWHERE on the track and it will give you your speed at that point.

    My slowest turn is turn 3 where i am entering in at ~60kph.