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Tracking the 'Morecambe Missile' two-wheeled speed demon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidk, Oct 11, 2015.

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  1. Testing 1, 2 3....
  2. How strange....I posted this one on Sunday morning but could not see it unless I checked 'Your Content' on my profile page.
    So I replied to my own post and it suddenly appeared in 'recent posts'.....
  3. If this makes riding safer for anyone on the street it's because such a person is an idiot. I don't think they necessarily need insulation from that fact. I really don't see the practical significance.
  4. Anything YOU post disappears from current view until someone else responds to it.....
  5. It didn't used to...previously when I posted something I could see it up there
  6. If technology is developed to enable a track bike to perform, handle and brake more efficiently...eventually that knowledge will filter down and help manufacturers build a better and safer road bike (just as F1 has done for the cars that we drive).
  7. So you say but how will it be better or safer? Plenty of racing technology has no place on the street.
  8. read my reply to you again.... "perform, handle and brake more efficiently" ....how's that for starters? (y)
  9. That doesn't necessarily mean they will be safer, they're still limited by the same tyres. Buy that measure a motogp machine is far safer than my bike, that's a long bow.
  10. The tyres on your bike Nihilil were developed by the manufacturer based on results / feedback / testing by motorcycle sports teams (as is just about every major part on your bike too, including the lid protecting your noggin).