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Tracking devices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by daleline, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I was thinking the other day about ways to protect the old bike a bit better. Since I'm young and insurance is an absolute, unaffordable joke.. How would fitting some form of tracking device go? Having it hidden somewhere nice in the bike out of site.

    That way at least you've got some way of recovering the bike if it gets knocked off? And a good chance of catching to fcukers that stole it. Anyone ever tried this or thought about it or have reasons for why it's not any good to do? I havent looked at prices for these devices so they may be too expensive to justify, i dont know.
  2. 3rd party fire and theft wouldn't be THAT expensive... unless you've lost your license or had 3 claims or what not....
  3. I read an article on tracking devices in a UK magazine, Motorcyclists Digest or something like that.

    They tested them out by picking up the bike, putting it in the back of a van, tacking it to a shipping yard and putting it in a container. Then the sat and waited for the tracking company to arrive.. and they waited, and waited.

    At the end of the day they decided to take the bike back to the owner because the traking company couldn't find the bike, despite telling them several times they had a signal and where on their way to the bike.

    So given the cost of a tracking device in no way guarantees you'll get the bike back, and even if you do get it back what condition will it be in?

    Have you considered 3rd party, fire and theft? It should be more affordable than full comprehensive since it doesn't cover for you crashing the bike but at least it means if someone does knock it off you're covered.
  4. If you can't afford insurance, you can't afford to ride the bike.
  5. nah it usually costs almost the same as full comp. maybe about 500-1000 cheaper.

    even when ur not young, insurance on a sports bike is fcukin crazy anyway.

    can get a discount if you install security devices too.

    OP - there are some really cool ones now - depends how much you want to spend?
  6. :worthlesspics:
  7. if i had a tracking device on my bike, (if i had a bike (yet))(lol)(another bracket) I would want to be able to track it myself, not some third party company employing non english speaking indians who only know how to read from a script.

    im unsure of the name, but there is a device that operates on a sim card. when you ring the number, it siliently picks up, logs your phone number, hangs up, then sms's GPS co ordinates to you. My phone also does this if i hold the volume up + hang up buttons for 5 seconds. It's incredibly handy in emergencies, and when people have either phones with GPSs in them or internet access, help is only as hard as typing the co-ords in to google earth.
  8. India is not the ONLY country which operates call centers. Refrain yourself from direct racial comments, would make your points noteworthy and more professional.
    By the way, I doubt how well can you converse in English yourself.
  9. totally agree, im hoping once we get over 25 it will become affordable, but for some reason 3rd party fire and theft and only 500-1000 (as sais above) cheaper than comp. why i dont know. but it is.
  10. but you do realize, that except Third Party, the composite insurance covers you from risks beyond just your bike getting stolen.

    If its a new bike, and if I crash it somehow, I would love it if some one pays me money to fix it, or even better, write it off, and give me the money to buy a new one.

    On an old bike, however, hmmm, sometimes it does get ridiculously expensive, even costs more than the bike's value. :|
  11. I would be interested in what type of tracking system they tested... if it was GSM based it wouldn't surpise me in the least that they couldn't find the bike...the networks are nowhere near reliable enough and there are too many variables to get a good signal.

    A system like the now defunct Quiktrack system that used it's own spread spectrum radio frequency similar to what the military use for communications is a far superior system...you can buy a GSM pager/tracking system for between from $500 upwards...a Quiktrack system was over $1000 plus $360 per year for 24/7 monitoring.

    Unfortunately the price was Quiktracks downfall...the funny thing was you would quote a guy up on a Harley worth 40k, with 5k worth of bling on it, who couldn't afford to insure it and who was too tight to spend the money on tracking...used to make me laugh...

    As much as I hate giving money to insurance companies...if you can't afford to replace your bike and/or pay for any damage you cause you shouldn't be without it...it's too late when you come outside and your bikes not there or you have lowsided and your bike has slid into an oncoming car...
  12. he clearly can and is. :roll:

    but i recently got a quote for my newest beast and it was allot cheaper than i thought. so ill be insured soon :p
  13. I'd say you're wrong. Insurance company wanted to charge me MORE than the value of my bike PLUS excess for full comp.

    If you're lucky enough to be in the correct age bracket, with a clean record, it may be worth your while. Unfortunately that's not the case for many people.
  14. I have the same problems with insurance listed above, but with my car...

    As its a modified import, im 24 and male every company want a fortune for full comp. I ended up getting 3rd party fire and theft, but even that doesn't come close to covering the cost of the car let alone the mods.

    If your in the metro areas of your state i can recommend QuikTrak alarms and tracking. They dont use GPS so there coverage is a little more limited.
  15. Hmm, Bamm-Bamm said they were defunct, but it does seem that they have been bought, and will be revived. http://www.quiktrak.com.au/
  16. Yeah right, bullshit. My insurance quotes were all between 4000 and 5000 bucks per year (and ive never had a claim on any insurance). Since I payed 10 for the bike, I find it really hard to justify spending that much on the insurance. I plan to keep it for more than 2 years.. so after that time I've payed for my bike again. So yes, I can afford the bike and if I really really had to I could afford to pay for the insurace. It doesn't mean I'm going to though, since I basically only ride in on weekends.

    I also have considered third party fire and theft but once again all quotes were 2000 bucks upwards. The $2000 quote didn't cover me for the whole value of the bike anyway if stolen so pretty useless unless I hit a Porsche.

    I wasn't chasing a tracking device that is monitored by a company, moreso what username was talking about, some sort of device that sends co-ordinates to you. Does anyone have any idea who would make something like this or where I might be able to find out?

    Cheers Dale
  17. Did you try AAMI? Im in the same age bracket as you and have full comp for $1300
  18. I pay $500 a year for full comp on my bike..... Hardly a clean driving record, and 1 at fault claim 3 years ago (hit a fkn roo).

    And i'm on my bike p's.... You really need to negotiate if you want insurance at a good price :)
  19. my old 96 kawa has a comprehensive insurance and it costs me $700 pa.