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Tracker DR650 - Ideas Needed!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by QuarterWit, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hullo Everyone!

    I picked up this 2005 DR650 over a month ago, but I've been overseas and haven't had a chance to take it out for a decent ride yet. It was put together when Deus were still trying to do the tracker thing. It has 18,000k on it, a fair few cosmetic scratches and cracks in the fibreglass and I probably paid too much for it - $5,500. But meh. I wanted a DR and the cost of building the wheels alone means it might not be such a bad buy.

    Nothing too exciting hiding inside it. Has the airbox opened up and the pipe but that's about it in terms of engine mods. The rest are the pretty obvious external mods, wheels, disco-party paint etc.

    It'll be fairly stock for the first year of it's life. (I already have another single tuned to a standstill) But we'll see what happens after that. In the meantime, I'm figuring out a way to get rid of the stickers, as they're under clearcoat. Or I might just cut up some decals and stick it over them. Any suggestions for what to put?

    And I'm going to be replacing the headlight and shroud with something a little more traditional. I'm on the hunt for a matte black plastic number that won't look too out of place. Ideally I'd go for one of those 8 inch Baja lights, but they're bloody expensive and don't have a low beam.

    Any ideas would be appreciated! I'm thinking about hunting down a stock GS500 headlight.





    In the meantime, it's a great little thing to ride. Compared to my SR it's slower than a wet week, but handles beautifully and is fantastic around town. The pipe also sounds great, although the jetting is a little off. It's also geared bloody tall so when the sprockets start to wear I'll look at changing to something for lower end speed. But in the meantime it sits beautifully on the highway and is relatively comfortable.

    So, chuck me your ideas/opinions on headlights and decals!
  2. Looks the goods mate, I have an XR600R with a few farkles and love it to death!

    For the large headlight try looking for one from a GSX-1100EF or similar... they are very large circular lamps and have lowbeam standard. Would certainly do a good job of lighting up the road and giving the enduro look. Not too expensive either.

    For decals I'd simply put one over the top - whatever you like really. Oil company, airfilter, or custom design... should look pretty good whatever you decide. Personally? I'd just whack a big 'DR' up there with maybe '650' written underneath in small print to match the width of the 'DR'.

    For numbers up front you should visit the local bike shop, or the decal place when you get yours made up. Most bike shops sell competition numbers in black and white colours and several sizes for only a buck or two each.

    Last, see about a Unifilter airfilter for the bike. I have one on my XR600R and its a Godsend for breathing and throttle response. A remapped ignition unit with an advanced curve up top to give some more poke would also be an inexpensive and worthwhile performance mod.

    Cheers mate, hope that helps - boingk
  3. Looks good, if a bit 1970s with that paint job. Very much what I had in mind for mine before resigning myself to the fact that it's a utility bike that will be ground to powder on the 9-5 slog.

    Given that it's got Deus badges on it, I'd say $5,500 was a bargain :D. Theres a bod over here in WA currently advertising a "customised" DR for $12k, claiming it cost 15. Dog knows what he's done to it. I reckon I could buy the entire Procycle catalogue for less than that and why would anybody bother given that you can get an awful lot of stuff for that money that isn't a DR? Seriously, though, there does seem to be a floor, around the $5k mark, below which tidy DRs don't seem to drop.

    Anyway, as far as a headlamp is concerned, doesn't the GSX1400 have a round, traditional job? Possibly the same as the GS500? Worth a look anyway. Honda CB250 units should be common as muck as well, although, being attached to a learner bike probably hasn't done much for their long term survival.

    I can understand your not tuning it immediately, although loadsa bits are available if you do go down that route. I lust after Procycle's big-bore kits myself. Stock, though, I find that in nadgery urban situations, the agility and narrowness of the bike make up for any lack of power. As that's where mine spends most of its working life, I can live with it.
  4. Nice buy!

    Here ya go, says it'll fit a Suzuki:


    You still owe me a Kit Kat BTW.
  5. I still say:

    DoucheSex Machina
  6. I reckon dual headlights off an early model R1, without any more plastic around them than absolutely necessary.
  7. All done!





    But the most interesting thing... when the guy had it in the workshop to change the light around and give the rear a tidy up, he played with some seats and tanks.


    What do you think?
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  8. The new headlight is heaps better and it looks amazing with the Ducati tank and tracker style seat
  9. with the ducati tank and tracker seat is ALOT BETTER
  10. Do you really need to ask!! Looks brilliant with that seat and tank.

  11. Slower than the SR you recon? Looks freaking awesome with that duc tank and fibreglass tail.
  12. Yeah, much slower than the SR. But the SR has a high comp piston, cam, FCR carb, ported etc. And it'd weigh a lot less.

    I'm umming and ahhing about the DR because it's got a pronounced whine in third gear, which can be bad... Or fine.

    Glad to hear consensus is pretty good about the tank/seat combo. The only tricky thing about it would be the existing frame colour - that blu/grey scheme means I'm limited in what colours could go with it. But I like the bombastic sparkly blue.
  13. As I was looking through the pics I was thinking there was something wrong with it, and decided tank and seat were it. The Ducati tank is good, but try a few out before you decide, The tracker seat looks a lot better as well.
  14. The guy has dozens of tanks sitting around but the bike really needs something fairly angular to go with the box section frame.

    I was thinking the rear of the seat might be a little high, but strangely enough it seems to work quite well.
  15. Ah. *slight OT* How easy does the SR start and what fuel do you run through it? I'm assuming 98Pre? And do you recon that tank would fit a SR?
  16. Love it man, do this. You should definitely keep the Ducati logo too, that'll ruffle some feathers!
  17. SR starts beautifully, almost as easily as it did when it was a 400. Runs on regular pump gas, but I put premium in it more out of instinct than anything else. Isn't too crazy an engine, running 10:1 compression.

    I like your thinking MV. When do I get to shout you a kit kat anyway?
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  18. Oh, and Orb, I don't think the tank would fit the SR. The SR is oil in frame and has quite a wide tunnel.
  19. When you come for a ride. I'm like an elephant, I won't forget.
  20. Any updates?