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Trackday with plug in tyre

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by R66, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Hi All

    Wasnt sure where to put this thread, move if required! I have had a search and seems to be two answers to the above.

    I have my second puncture in 3 weeks (first one required a new tyre - michelin pilot sport - bugger) second one has a screw in the center of the tyre, I have superbike school at the island next week, is it ok to run with a tyre with a plug (guessing a mushroom type) ? when searched some people said they had run with them and it was fine, others not!!

    Will be asking the motorbike shop tomorrow but wanted to get some idea before I go!
  2. You drop a speed rating say from z to the next one down so don't go 250 plus and you should be right.
  3. what bike are you running? if its a little 250 i probably wouldnt worry as much as if its a 6/1000.

    Just remember, theres no insurance at the track, so if you write off your 15k supersport because of a $220 tyre you will never forgive yourself.

    Personally if it was me I would get another tyre for the track (ie slick or super sticky street tyre) then swap back to your Pilot Sport for the street when you get home so its not like you have to throw away a perfectly good tyre. changing a tyre will take you sweet bugger all time or a tyre shop will do it for $15
  4. I wouldn't......
  5. I had a dragon supercorsa pro with a plug in it, did 2 track days and a couple thousand km's on the road with no ill effects. this was on a R1 with 150hp at the wheel, and i saw speeds of over 270km/h.

    I am a firm believer that a properly fitted plug (from the inside) wont have any issues if it's fitted in the center of the tyre.
  6. What about if you got a new tyre for the track day, then swapped back to the plugged one for general commuting around town?

    Then you've got a brand new spare for when you wear out the other one

  7. Yeah thought about swapping tyres, having one for the track -stickier, and keeping the plugged one for the road, just a little p*ssed off having to spend another 300 on a tyre having just done this a few weeks ago, sh*t happens I guess!

    Bike is a fairly standard 99 R6

  8. I'd run it. A plug is highly unlikely to fail and even more unlikely to fail catastrophically. The very worst I'd expect to see might be a very slow leak.

    But then, many years of poverty have resulted in me being a lot less pernickety about patched, mismatched, oddly worn, secondhand, cheapo, ancient and otherwise sub-optimal tyres than most. So far, I am by no means dead and it doesn't seem to have slowed me down much either.
  9. if it was me i would run it, but you have to live with your decision should it go wrong
  10. actually I did about 3 track days with an old tyre that had 2 plugs in it.

    but that bike was pushing out about 5 times more dB than Hp and couldnt have got above 60kph on the short track :p
  11. just to let you all know, the bike shop suggested it should be fine to run with the plug as it was in the center and in a tread, so not on the contact surface of the tyre itself, cheers
  12. I had the same problem by getting 3 puntures in 3 weekes. After that i decided to go with the swann tyre insurance.
  13. how much is tyre insurance?
  14. I just use rope type repairs.. the kit is like $15-$20 from supercheap.

    they arent suggested as permanent fixes, but ive never had any problems with 3 in one tyre!!