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Trackday on a zzr250.... worth it?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Lachlan56, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.

    I am really keen on doing a trackday in the next month or two as the weather is starting to cool. Only problem is I am a P plater on a $3,000 ZZR-250 :p

    My main concern is that with my bike I would not just be slow on the track, but a rolling hazzard to other riders who would be doing speeds WAY faster than me not only on straights but with better brakes and suspension, be schooling me through corners as well, and just generally being a rolling roadblock for everyone and frustrating them.

    Are 250's ever present at track days? Is there maybe a slower, 250cc group I could ride in?

    I think my nearest track is Oran Park, with Eastern creek second. I don't know if oran park does track days though, so it would probably be Eastern creek.
  2. Yes you definitely can and should do a track day on your ZZR.

    There are self regulated groups and you can start in the slowest with plenty of other 250's, harleys, tourers and motards.

    Don't worry about how slow or fast you are. There will be someone slower then you almost guaranteed. The slowest rider I ever saw at the track was some old guy on a 1098S.

    Oran Park does track days, there is an Oran Park track day on Good Friday (10th of April). EC also has regular track days.

    So book yourself in, don't worry about your bike, it will be fine.

    Oh, and prepare to be addicted.
  3. I'd say give it a go. I know that a well ridden 250 can keep up with bigger bikes on tighter circuits, although you will probably need to move aside down the main straight.

    I've seen some weird stuff on track days - full dirt bikes with knobblies, scooters, BMW tourers.... and everyone looked like they were having a blast.
  4. DO IT.

    I'm a rather slow rider but still love the track. You don't need power to have fun or even do well, I know many on 250cc or less who eat up much many on bigger cc.

    In fact I'd prefer a 250 at somewhere like oran park.
  5. Thanks guys, was just reading the Eastern creek website about the ride days, sounds like a hoot. Im quite keen to do one, the sooner the better actually. Pity none of my friends ride yet or I would drag them along as well.
  6. Your ZZR250 should be good fun on Eastern Creek, especially turns 2 to 9. And 10. As well as 11 and 12. And 1.

    Don't forget to wind up the rear shock preload a bit and check the tyre pressures!
  7. Depends on the track in question. If its small legged and tight cornered you might be good for it. If its Phillip Island, stay away. On all the track days I have been too I have yet to see a 250 (non-race class).
    But im sure that there are tracks that will accomodate you in NSW.
  8. As a suggestion if you havent been to a track b4 perhaps do a rider course instead. I know Stay Upright do courses at Oran Park and California Superbike School do Eastern Creek.

    That will be a more gentle intro to the track and build your confidence in the corners and for you to see how the ZZR goes relative to everything else. Plus you will learn stuff

    I think you will be suprised how well they corner, but obviously you will get hosed down the straights. I remember taking my ZZR250 down PI for a rideday and having a great time tho at the time "trackdays" were less "hardcore". Guys like me used to rock up unbolt the gear rack tape the mirrors and be off. Now its full of race glass, slicks, tyre warmers and dedicated trackbikes plus most guys/girls have ridden on that circuit heaps of times.

    Lastly from memory Phillip Island Ride days in the novice group they would lead you around a few laps so you can familiarise yourself with the layout and lines. I'm sure they would do the same at Eastern Crek as the companies are affiliated.

    Any way just my 2c have fun.
  9. Last trackday I went to there was a well ridden VTR making some larger (and less well ridden) bikes look a little silly. Most people can go fast in a straight line, it takes skill to go fast around a corner. Ensure your suspension, tyres and brakes are in good condition before hand and you will have a blast.
  10. yes anytime you can get to the track i reckon you should do it :wink:
  11. If it is your only bike, it will be fine. Enjoy yourself.
  12. Mate, as a former ZZR 250 rider myself, think Nike - just do it!

    As other reputable Netriders have said previously, learning to ride your 250 to its full capabilities will greatly enhance your overall development as a rider before eventually upgrading to something bigger and considerably more powerful. I.e It can be preferable to refine your technique on a smaller bike first instead of disguising bad habits with sheer power.

    I can also vouch for the fact that a good, smooth rider on a 250 is capable of keeping up with and even passing riders on bigger machines such as 600cc.

    As for worrying about being a "rolling roadblock", bare in mind that you could deliberately place yourself in the slowest group on the day, and if any other rider does happen to want to pass you the onus is on them to do so in a safely and timely manner.

    Hope this helps!



    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  13. Just do it mate.

    The slow group is so so so damn slow it's astonishing. If you can ride a bit you'll be fine.

    In fact, fcuk it, I reckon one of those days would be fun on a postie, regardless.
  14. to be honest, i'd have a blast on a 250 at the track almost as much as my R1. to be totally honest, the straight is the most boring part in my opinion!

    the cornering action is where the enjoyment comes, and on a 250, you'll be getting just as low and having just as much fun as the others on bigger capacity bikes.

    so get out there and DO IT!
  15. Go have a blast mate :D...I have done a track day with my 250...was fun, informative, gained more confidence and now ride better on the road :D.

    Worth every penny.

    phong =P~
  16. last track day i did, one of the slowest guys there was on a 1098R (yes, i meant R, not S). but hey, if you can affort it, why not!

    there was another guy there with 2x new CB400s. he was killing it!!! totally thrashing most of the guys on bigger bikes.

    GO FOR IT!