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Track Use Policies for Helmets Holding Only Snell or DOT Certification

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by toast, May 6, 2012.

  1. Is it mandatory for track riders to use an Australian Standards Certified helmet? Or is a Snell or DOT Certified helmet going to satisfy the regulations?

  2. If you are talking about competition then no, FIM requires an International standards mark: from Appendix A of the Manual of Motorcycle Sports shown below. For standard non professional track days I am not sure if scrutineers look at it but I would guess yes it would be required. Some of the track heads may know more.


    30.1.1 APPROVAL LABELS FOR HELMETS Helmets must carry one of the following approval labels, as listed in Rule 01.70 of the FIM Technical Rules.
    ECE 22 - 05 ‘P’,‘NP’ or ‘J’ [Label affixed inside the helmet]
    SNELL M2010 [Label affixed inside the helmet]
    JIS T 8133: 2007 [Label affixed inside the helmet]
    Standards Association of Australia AS1698
  3. I think that they check that it has an Australian std sticker on them. This is a bummer as you can buy the same helmet on the net cheaper and it won't have the sticker dispite being the same lid and having snell sticker in it.
    You might come across a scrutineer that might be a little relaxed about it?
    I ended up buying a new one from a bike shop in Australia. I shopped around heaps and it only cost me an extra 50 on what one ordered over the net would have cost just to save any dramas.
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    Thank you, CJ and Hondamick. I'll ring a couple of my local tracks.

    My question arises because of my desire to get a helmet with maximum upper visibility in the viewport. Unfortunately, the only helmets that fit me properly (and to my satisfaction) are made by Shoei and I have my doubts about the visibility of even the X-12. Of course, I would be happy to purchase a local X-12 if others reported that the visibility is enough to look through corners without any neck strain, no matter how much you are hanging off the bike.

    I currently use an RF-1000 on both road and track. However, for track its vertical viewport visibility is not good enough. This might be a mix of both the helmet's shell design and its viewport size. Perhaps the X-12 is significantly better and will be big enough.

    There is one helmet that is reported to be the closest to the Shoei fit. It is the Nexx XR1R:
    [media=youtube]zaqmD-6xE2c[/media] [USA webbikeworld review]
    [media=youtube]QXlCdANW_iU[/media] [UK formotorbikes track review]
    [media=youtube]bqBcNB_nLmk[/media] [USA Eurocycles review]
  5. Nah, I've never had a helmet checked at a track in NSW or at Phillip Island.

    Even in post classic racing you see guys out there with 1980's lids.
  6. dam that helmet looks nice as. do they not import them into Australia at all?
  7. yeah i've never had a helmet checked at phillip island, i think i might have at broadford at a champions ride day however. cant remember.

    for racing you'll have to look in the manual of motorcycle sport 2012, i cant remember what their stance is but every race meet i have my helmet checked and the aus standards label number taken down.
  8. For racing, according to the MA Rules and Regulations 2012 - Helmets, helmets must have a JIS, SNELL, ECE22-5 or AS1698 sticker. So the same helmet bought from overseas is usable.

    From the Champion's Ride Days website.
    From Phillip Island Ride Days (PIRD) website.
    I would call up PIRD to make sure you can use a SNELL/ECE/JIS approved helmet...don't think they would have any issues with it to be honest.

    Depending on who organizes the ride days and what insurance they have, will see if you are allowed to use helmets other than AS1698 approval.

    EDIT: just noticed cjvfr already posted about the racing one...*face palm*...my bad.
  9. It's all good, mate. Good info there. Thanks to all.
  10. My head fits Shoei & AGV, have you tried the new AGV's out?

    They have a new helmet with increased vision at the top of the helmet, can't remember what it's called or if it's available yet, but it may be an option.
  11. Thanks, MV. That's a great tip there. I'll definitely check out AGV.

    If you find the source please can you post it up. Cheers... is it the Pista GP?

    ... oh man, that helmet ticks all the boxes. I hope it fits well. Hopefully, it will be here by the end of the year.