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VIC Track Tyre advice

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Jimbo14, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Hey all

    I was after some advice on tyres for those who do track days.

    I do about 2 track days a year on my street triple r. I have been running Dunlop q3s for the last few years but I'm burning through a set every year (I road ride as well).

    Can anyone recommend a set of tyres that will have good enough grip for the track but have a life longer than the q3s?

    I usually run in slow or slow medium groups at the track (if this helps)

  2. A set a year?? Jeeze, some people don't know when they're on a good thing!

    Seriously Mate, a couple of track days a year on a road tyre in that group will have negligible wear in the grand scheme of things. I'm currently running Pirelli Rosso II's on the road bike and way more impressed with them than the Bridgestone BT003's road/race tyres i had before (2 sets in just over 12 months with a few track days). Rubbish in the wet unlike the Pirelli's which are used by some training schools on their track bikes. Others will have their own opinions. You just have to try and see what's good for you.
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  3. If you do 2 track days a year plus road riding, a set a year is pretty decent. Q3's are very good tyres, maybe try Metzeler Sportec M7's. They seem to provide better wear with decent grip, keep in mind they're more expensive than the Q3's though.

    How many km's do you ride on the road? And how hard do you ride?
  4. Thanks guys, didn't realise I was doing well for tyre wear.

    About 7000k a year, mostly to and from work. I do a spirited twisty day about once a month
  5. Good thing about track days is they only wear the part of the tyre you don't use on the road.
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  6. Hi all I am also after some track day tyre advice. I have a R6 and do most of my track days at Malalla SA And occasionally Philip island. I'm not the quickest out there but definitely getting quicker. I am normally towards the front of the medium slow group. I am looking to upgrade tyres and am getting mixed recommendations. I asked a local tyre guy about tyres and he is advising me to get a treaded tyre. Should I go this option or just go straight for slicks. I do have warmers. Also I asked the guys at champions about tyres and they advised me to run a 190 on the rear, but the local tyre guy reckons he doesn't recommend it and I should stay with the stock 180? Is it better to go the 190 or are champions trying to sell me what they have.
  7. They are both partly right..
    My advice would be to try the Pirelli Supercorsa SC (probably SC2) in a 60 profile.. (180/60 if your bike normally takes a 180)
    1) the 60 profile will give LOTS more grip at lean (some try to shoehorn a 190 in and let it bulge to emulate the shape of a 60 profile)
    2) because this tyre is the supersport/bike control tyre I'm told Pirelli have put more work into the rubber compound on this tyre than the slicks.. It is properly awesome
    3) although it is street legal, save it for the track and make sure you use warmers.
    4) because the tyre is taller it will affect your gearing, if your gearing is already a bit tall you may want to go up a tooth or 2 on the rear, or take a tooth out of the front..
    Good luck with it and have fun trying new things out!
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  8. To add to Sammy's post, for this time of year, you would want a SC1 front to go with the SC2 rear.
    Also you can't just wack on a 190 willy nilly. You need to check to see if your rim actually is thick enough (5.5mm from mem) to handle a 190 rear.
  9. Cheers Sammy and Adam for advice. Food for thought. Will let u know what I decide. The 190 rear was champions suggestion. I told them I have a R6 and that what they advised. Would a stock R6 rim not cut the mustard? Cheers
  10. The grip and longevity are mutually exclusive.

    The short answer from what you described above would be Diablo Rosso Corsa or Rosso 2.

    DRCs lean towards the track more.
    Rosso 2 - a little bit more road than track, but very very good tyre overall.

    They all are shit in wet though.

    So for slow/medium groups I don't think you'll benefit from Supercorsas or other race tyre.

    Only go higher end if you mentally feel like you need to. But be ready to spend a lot more cash too.
  11. Good thing about Q3 is that are great in the wet as well.
    I love Q3s and think you are onto a good tyre already.
  12. I've been using the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2's for the past 4 years, I do 3 or 4 track days a year. Just got 9,000 out of the rear and 10,000 out of the front on what is a heavy-ish bike. I just bought a set of Dunlop Q3's to give them a go as I have heard lots of good things about them. Will post up an opinion when I've had them for a while. I like the Rosso 2's very much and wouldn't hesitate to run them again and gladly recommend them. After the Q3's, I will be trying the Rosso 3's that have just come out, but they haven't got the rear in the size I want to run yet, that's why I got the Q3's
  13. Q3's will do low 40's around the Island so they are no slouch of a tyre.
    Granted the Superbike Coaches take a less of an aggressive line since they are a street tyre but they hold their own.
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  14. Did a very short ride today to start scrubbing them in. The Dunlop Q3s feel great, make her feel like a new bike again.:D
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