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Track/Test day with certain bikes

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by goofyOz, May 24, 2007.

  1. I not sure if this is in the right forum (move if required mods).

    Basically I'm wanting to test ride a 2007 model Yamaha R1. Yamaha themselves don't allow for test rides of this particular bike but I wasn't sure if there was either track days and/or places people can go to test these types of bikes?

    I am a little concerned about the power of the R1, so this is why I wanted to test ride it!! Or get it out in a big open space (i.e. track day) and have a play around...

  2. Power is nothing to be "concerned" about.

    Power will only bite you if you're a total numpty and open the throttle fully while still cranked over hard. On a 600cc bike, or less, you may get a slight rear wheel slip, but on a litre bike you'll get into a full on power-slide, possibly leading to a high-side if you really screw up.

    Thing is though, all modern litre bikes have throttles that are REALLY easy to control. You have to be a total clumsy clot to "accidentally" dial in full throttle and get yourself into trouble. If you have trouble negotiating a set of stairs then maybe a litre bike isn't for you, but if you've got one modicum of dextrous ability, the power is completely under your control.

    In all respects, a litre bike is just like a 250cc bike, that handles really well, steers really well, and has a LOT more power on tap when you decide to use it. You just have to remember that when you twist the throttle hard, the bike REALLY takes off, but if you use part throttles, you can ride around town and potter about without even realising you've got 150+hp on tap.
  3. Perhaps you could investigate the Yamaha Tribe.


    They ran this event a couple of years ago and although it doesn't mention it, I think they may have had a demo fleet there.

    Steeve Reeves was running it at that stage and had previously been running a similar event with Ducati: The Ducati Turismo, where they have thus far carried a test fleet of Ducatis. Mmmm.
  4. Thanks so much guys.... The information you provided will really help.