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NSW Track Racing in NSW

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by meshes, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. hi there, i've done a few trackdays in the past, currently looking at getting back into it with a dedicated track bike, most likely a d675 or R6.

    i'm basically looking towards hopefully amateur racing in the future.

    however, i'm really not having much luck making sense of the whole ecosystem, the kinds of bikes people use and various restrictions and the classes available, which will effect what i target my spending dollars on..

    for anyone knowledgeable on the subject:

    are there any AU/NSW specific racing forums that are useful/popular? have details on the various classes of racing and info about bikes and lap times and various races?
  2. nswrats is a pretty good forum and is slanted in that direction, i would also check out motorcycling Australias website as it is my belief that they organise the majority of the amateur class based racing in Australia.
  3. In NSW for modern bikes, you basically have 2 choices. St George Motorcycle Club or Formula Xtreme - Formula Xtreme have a club racing equivalent.

    If you've a 600 then in St George, you'll race the 600 class which allows a lot of leeway for mods: http://www.stgeorgemcc.com/pg_rrace.php they can be contacted by phone if you need clarification.

    Formula Xtreme run a 600 more or less stock class or an open Formula Xtreme class: http://www.formula-xtreme.com.au/xtremema.nsf/RiderSupportPage?openform They also do a Race Your Mates at Wakefield park in Goulburn, have a navigate of the site and contact their office if you need to hear a voice.

    St George would be a good beginning as club racing is pretty fun and you are bound to find someone to dice with.

    Times are harder, what group are you in at the ride days you're doing? If you're comfortable in say green Group at EC then you should be fine.

    As unconnected advised, http://nswroadandtrackbikes.com/forums/forum.php are a good resource if you get on and introduce yourself.

    If you go to a 675 then BEARs (Britsh, European, American Race series) http://www.ozbearsracing.com/ will make you feel welcome too.
  4. sweet thank you, looks to be exactly what i was lookin for!