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track project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by trolley, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. G'day all

    with the recent loss of my license i'm suffering some severe withdrawals.

    what i'd like to do is buy a cheapo bike and prep it for track days (can i even do track days on a suspended license?) . I just don't know if i should be looking for a 250cc or balls up and go for a 600cc.
    this will be a chance for me to learn about how bikes go brrrm and what not.

    bikes i've been looking at are -

    CBR250rr or zx2r
    SV650's(anything else in this class?)
    or be really brave and go something like zx6r or r6 etc.

    any info you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  2. pretty sure for track days it's a minimum of provisional license...other's can pipe in but i remember reading something about recreational license's in the past - perhap's something you should be looking into....as for what bike..that's upto you but considering you'd be pushing your limit's more than you would normally i'd probably opt for the 250...and i do love the zx2r's
  3. I too was going to suggest that you make absolutely sure that you'll be able to ride on the track with a suspended licence 'cos my understanding is that, unless you hold a pukka MA competition licence allowing you to do race like things, you need a valid road licence to do track days, racecraft courses etc.
  4. Even if i can't hit the tracks with my suspension. I Definatley want to get a bike track-worthy.
    I've been watching a tonnes of videos of 250's on the track. And it looks damn scary to be on something that small with all the bigger Boys doing hero passes right up their ass.
    So I'm considering going with a sv650.( 400 if I can find one that doesnt cost an arm and a leg.)
  5. Doesn't matter if the license is suspended or not - they can't check it anyway... As long as you have your license details you can ride (well, that's what I saw). Had a few people at QR on wednesday with suspended licenses out on the bikes. No track license.
  6. what if the dog (read as cop) took my license?
  7. Nowadays, (at eastern creek anyway) you have to present your license at registration. But maybe that's just to confirm identity rather than legality.

    Remember that a good track bike is all about suspension, if you can get that well sorted, you can ride almost any bike fast at the track :)
  8. no idea mate, sorry :( i had to give them mine at the beginning and i got it back at the end of the day as i hired leathers - some peoples' were just being checked though...
  9. If I ever get a track bike I would start with a <600.
  10. You're right on the 250's - I did my first track day a few weeks ago and although I was only in the slow group, the guys on 250's were just incredibly slow compared to everyone else - the closing speeds down the straights were huge. I'm sure an experienced track rider would be fine on one, but as a bike to start out doing track days on, a 250 would be down the bottom of my list.

    The SV650 would be a good choice if you wanted to race as you can race them in the twin sprint class which means you won't be up against 600cc supersports. Not a lot of fairings to break if you crash either and should be easier on tyres than a 600cc + supersport.

    That said, by far the cheapest way to go is buy something that's already set up for the track. Track bikes are just so much cheaper. I just picked up an old ZX6R track bike including almost a full bikes worth of spares for $2k.

    Also FYI, there was no licence check at the track day I did. Although they say when you book that you need a licence, there was no physical check at the track. Worst case you can join a club and get yourself a recreational or competition licence.
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  11. thanks for the information mate. think i'll be looking into getting a rec license.

    last thing i want to be worrying about is the super sports passing my at light speed while im on a 250. so sv650 or similar is looking like the best option.

  12. My personal advice is don't get a 250. When you first start out you'll shit yourself at the rate others are passing you. When you get better you'll get frustrated and want to upgrade after very few track days.

    They may not let you move out of slow group on that bike and if you do the closing speeds will only get worse.

    Broadford or whatever is a blast on a 250, I did it quite a few times. But PI would suck.
  13. Btw this is just a straight tracky you're looking for isnt it? 600cc would be a great capacity I say. I would suggest sports bike as the only environment you will use it is on the track so no need for compromises for fuel efficiency, 1000k comfort, off road ability, luggage or soft suspension. No need to stick to LAMS if you feel it's the right thing for you to do.
  14. i just got mine suspended too i'm looking at going down this route or going down the motard way
  15. yeah this is going to be a dedicated tracky. trying to decide now if i want to build it myself or just by one thats already set up.

    how long you out for? i got 12months.
  16. I'd +1 your thoughts on a 650 twin. good for limited class and thunderbike and brackets too. You CAN race in 600cc class with a 650 twin, but to be honest you're never going to be duking it out for first place.

    steer clear of 250s for track bikes I'd suggest. too slow.

    Naked means no race fairings to buy either. A fair few of us in SA race 650s. Couple on Hyosungs, some SV650s, and a Cagiva thrown in for giggles. All awesome fun.

    I'd love a 600cc i4 but I just can't afford to run one with tyres, brakes, fairings, and cost of repairs etc etc to consider too.

    I picked up a 2010 GT650R stat write off with 14,000km on it for $1700. goes alright, for a heavy 650 with 65 horsepower with my dumbass on it. it's fun enough, cheap to run and cheap and easy to fix when you crash it.

    A second hand track bike will have been flogged and crashed repeatedly with no guarantee of the technical competency of the person fixing it... definitely buyer beware with those. if you can get a stat write off that's had an easy life and isn't too old or badly damaged that would be the way to go.

    defo build it yourself though... much more fun, more satisfying, and you learn heaps doing it :)
  17. only got 3 months thank god but i will have to start and get my l's allover again witch sucks
  18. I don't have a dedicated traky but unlike JR, from a cost pov I was going to suggest buy one already done...you can often get heaps of stuff thrown in (stands, tyre warmers etc) and a good deal cheaper than building it yourself.
  19. I'd suggest to look around and locate a ready to go track/race bike. Take my purchase for example, a 2003 Kawasaki zx6rr, race ready, lockwired, race fairings, 2nd set of rims, including wets (almost dead though) and 2 boxes of spares all for the grand total of $2500.

    I had it serviced and new rubber added, then I was off onto the track. Since then ive added new race fairings and continually new rubber, but there isn't much needed to keep it on the track.

    I've looked at doing a project on a 2008 Suzuki gsxr600, stat write off but at the moment, buying the bike at $4400, then adding all the extras ontop, race glass, 2nd set of rims, spare parts etc etc, it ends up a costly exercise.
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  20. [OT]How is that thing going Gilesy? Where did you get that second setof fairings from? Fid you paint them up? And have you booked taht EC day yet!!??[/OT]

    I've thought about having my Daytona as a tracky, but I actually think it's be cheaper to be an already-tracked Daytona rather than spending all of the coin on mine.