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Track/practice days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by phongus, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone...

    I am currently looking at getting at least one track/practice day in before the Victorian Interclub Series kicks in on the 2nd of May. I have heard of Champion's Ride day as well as PI Ride days (school as well) so had a look into it via their website...just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with any of the two, or could refer me to other organizers.

    I understand that you have to book yourself a spot for most, if not all, of the organizers to be eligible to get on the track, but if say you pay all the fees involved, but the day ends up canceled due to very bad weather, do they refund the money, give you "credit" for a next time or screwed over with the money?

    I noticed there is a ride day on Monday and Tuesday down at PI...but Monday is all booked out and Tuesday I am unavailable to go :(.

    There is a ride day with Champions on the 24th of April which I might be able to go to...hopefully, so I can get a bit of practice in.

    I am unsure if there are other ride days out there and am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction regarding practice/ride days which come up in the next 2 weeks or so before the 2nd of May.

    I prefer to have a practice day on PI...since the first round of the interclub series is at PI and I have never ridden on PI nor have I ridden my race bike yet :shock:...so practice is crucial in getting used to my bike...

    Thanks in advanced.

    phong =P~
  2. Not PI, but there is a track day at Sandown on the 18th of April.
  3. Thanks Holster. Had a look at the Sandown website and it is held by Honda...had a read of the registration form and it says...strictly no race bikes and no slicks...so I guess it's a no no for that one...

    Thanks again :D

    phong =P~
  4. PI has another track day on the 27th April. :wink: Book early!

    Unless it is hail and lightening storms, the day goes ahead, sun or rain.

    We have not cancelled a day in the years I have worked there.
  5. Broadford is often open for private practice.
  6. The next practice day at Broadford is Friday April 17th, the day before the Vic champs. Think the cost is about $100.
  7. Thanks everyone :D...I will see if I can make the 17th of April and 27th....

    Hopefully Interclub isn't too scary.

    phong =P~
  8. Thought I'd give an update as well as a query while I'm at it.

    I booked a spot with Phillip Island Ride Day for the 27th of April and I am bloody excited even though it is 2 weeks away...can't wait!! :D

    Now I booked myself into the slow group...only because there weren't any spots left in the medium or medium/fast group...and I don't think I am going to be in the fast group as a first timer. Slow also suits me because I haven't ridden at PI before...or ridden my VFR400 for that matter...so best to learn in the slow group for now until I get used to the bike.

    Now my questions are as follows...

    What kind of lap time would you be looking at in the slow group? The site does not specify an approximate lap time for each group. I'm asking because medium had available positions last week but I was hesitant to choose medium just in case I didn't suit the group and due to work and fixing the bike, I kept forgetting to ring and check.

    Also for those who have gone with Phillip Island Ride Day, what are the chances of moving up to the next group if I was found to be in the wrong group?

    Would suck to just get one session in to be found doing faster lap times then I should and then sitting out a couple of sessions until a spot is available in the next group.

    Thanks in advance.

    phong =P~
  9. think u should be in the medium group.
    they may upgrade you on the day, when things are sorted.
  10. Thanks Su...I called them up today and the lady said that the slow group lap time is higher then 2:10...

    Good idea to ride slower now and get my technique right then ride fast and do everything wrong. :D

    phong =P~
  11. Champions will move you up or down according to your corner speed generally.
    Don't stress to much about round 1 at P.I. maybe ring Francis and ask for someone to be your buddy for your 1st day. Someone not in your class that can help you out with sign on, scrutineering and all that jazz, then help with getting you out for each warm up and race. Also if they're nice enough they'll watch you go round and maybe give you some pointers.
    Have you entered as a Novice?
  12. ....there was a choice :shock:, I didn't know that. I will be in the non-modified F400 class. I will do my best :D.

    phong =P~
  13. i'll see you on Monday then! slow group will be fine, just start at the front of your group, and you wont see them again for more of the session.

    you have a PM
  14. Well the weather looks pretty nasty today, and according to BOM, the weather will calm down tomorrow but will still be windy...about 20 - 30knots with scattered showers...

    This won't stop me from riding on the track, though I wouldn't mind getting some pointers for a windy track, especially at PI which I imagine could get pretty windy.

    phong =P~
  15. last time i was at PI there was a southerly blowing 5-10knots, and i didn't notice it at all. it was also raining the first session. the rain was more the pain in the arse, but give the track credit, it dried up so dam fast, that by the 2nd session out, it was dry and everyone was going full pelt.

    the wind forcast (from my sources) for tomorrow predicts the following:

    10am - WNW 10-15knots
    1pm - WNW 10-15knots
    4pm - SW 5-10knots

    see ya there.

    Dave (will be the slow tall bloke on a silver/black r1 with "balls" on the swingarm)
  16. I would go for a single luff spinnaker which should get you to around 340kph on the front straight. :cool:
  17. Well I just came back from PI...what a random, informative and exhilarating day.

    Sorry Dave, didn't read your previous post before I hurriedly got myself organized to get to PI and so didn't know what I was looking out for, so sorry we couldn't really catch up.

    Well the morning was pretty damn cold...woke up to find it was raining and pretty windy. So confidence level wasn't the greatest.

    Got to the track and the sky started to clear, no rain and a bit of sun shining through the dark patchy clouds. Rocked up, grab myself a space at one of the garages and set myself up...got bike scrutineered and still no sign of rain, was pretty excited now :D. Got back to the pits only to have the dramas unfold...

    Tried to start the bike and nothing...it just turned over but wouldn't start. Many failed attempts and a dead battery later...I got advice and was seeking advice basically from everyone in the garage and 2 hours of tinkering and using jumper leads, the bike finally fired up 10mins before my group was due to go on. Perfect timing, because slicks weren't allowed on track the 2 session before hand :D. So panned out well. Thanks to everyone that helped...if they happened to be on here.

    I managed to get 2.5 sessions out of the 6. Which was rather disappointing, but nothing I could have done would have put me on the track anymore then that. Rain came down during the 6th session while 1st and 2nd I missed out due to my dead bike. Being in a hurry at the time of packing, I forgot my jerry can and ran out of fuel through 4th session, so got 2.5 laps out of that session. Bought some more petrol and ran in the 3rd session without any problems :D.

    Bike handled well...but needs some minor things to be fixed and modified to make it easier to ride.

    Even with all the dilemmas that day, it was one hell of an awesome day :D

    phong =P~
  18. yeah was a good day weather wise, considering how horrible it was sunday arvo/night.

    you weren't the bloke having all the drama's out in the car park were you? if so, seemed you had some issues getting the ol' girl to kick into life. glad to see you got out for a few sessions.
  19. Yeah, I was the skinny asian dude trying to get the bike started while jump starting off the car...had plenty of dramas, but worked out in the end :D.

    phong =P~