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Track Fairings - need assistance

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Shldze, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Currently riding a 08 gsxr 750 and I want to do more track days.

    Now my question for you all is:
    - Do I buy full track fairings (and spend hours changing them for track days)
    - Or do I buy aftermarket fairings and just leave them on for road n track?
    Next question is where do you buy from? Any places you recommend? US? Aus? Local guys?

    I’m not worried about binning the bike, hence why I haven’t mentioned buying a dedicated tracky.
    I obviously don’t want to ruining the oem fairings.


  2. I should also mention that i do have Ozy Knobs.
    Should i look at getting the axle sliders too? worth it?
  3. Look on sportbiketrackgear.com for some track fairings which will also protect your bikes internals, chinese fairings will just disintegrate.
    Get some front and rear axle sliders, some case protectors and remove your crash knobs as they can dig into the grass and destroy your bikes frame or flip the bike, causing more damage.
  4. I would buy a Hong Kong replica fairing (road type) and stick that on. Then you can use it road and track and not have to change over. The china stuff is ABS (like OEM) which will break up in a spill but it's still cheaper than decent race glass.

    +1 on ditching the crash knobs, get some good case savers instead.
  5. If its taking you hours to change over the fairings.... You're doing it wrong.
  6. Thanks guys,

    At this stage i can only find ABS plastic fairings, even if its from Hong Kong, they all say its ABS. Trying to put a comparison together and then i can chose which way i go...

    Should i get Chinese axle sliders or should i fork out $150+ for Ozy knob brand?

    thanks for your help in advance..!
  7. If this is a dedicated track bike, then I'd get some proper race glass so that you can ditch the headlight assembly (usually a few kg's). Then you should also ditch the other stuff like mirrors, indicators, tail assembly, get rid of all that weight. You may as well get it setup nicely =D Once you've got the weight out of it.. I strongly recommend you get someone to check the static sag and set your suspension correctly./
  8. Thanks @SammyA, no its not going to be a dedicated track bike.
    I don't know which way to go:
    Either Track fairings and swap them everytime,
    or buy replicas and just leave them on...?
  9. Good quality fibreglass track fairings (like Racer's edge) $1000 + painting

    Hong Kong replica ABS $700 painted.

    True, fibreglass will hold up better in a spill, but you'll have to repaint it anyway if you want it to look good. Even if you buy a new Hong Konger every time you crash it'll still be cheap. If the bike is for road and track, it's a no-brainer to me.
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  10. So i decided to go race glass, spoke to steve from ozzymotorcyclefairings and was just about to order my new race glass, when i asked the simple question..'will the belly pan fit with the stock headers and cat?'. simple answer - No.

    Now what do i do?
    i've got a r55 slip on now.
    Do i do the cat hack? full system? what?

    its all just cash, which i prefer to spend on other items on the bike...
  11. Check out these guys




    8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[
  12. If it's just for track days and you've no intention of racing, why not just remove the fairings and run it naked?

    save your cash completely. invest in some crash protector thingies though... case savers or whatever they're called, and instead of dropping money on fairings spend it on sticky tyres instead?

    you can get them changed over at most track days so all you need to do is drop the wheels out.
  13. I have an 08 GSXR600 that came with China fairings - front is proper race style (no headlight cut out) but rear cowl has cut outs for the brake lights/blinkers....

    I'd part with them for $150 + postage....they in good condition, no crash damage etc. They came with the bike I bought to race, but since this set doesn't have a proper belly pan (they're the same as road going fairings in that respect) I couldn't use them :(

    Send me a PM if you want pics etc
  14. Check out racefairing.net
    Yes they are a chinese manufacturer, but i was pleasantly suprised with the quality and fit. They are a decent thickness, with a good gellcoat. I was even able to pay a little extra to get kevlar reinforcement on all edges and mount points. I think all up delivered they were $400 odd for My k8 gsxr1000, which was a couple of hundred less than anything I could source locally. Im pretty sure all the local ones i looked at were from the same chinese factory, even having the same display pics. May as well cut out the middleman!https://netrider.net.au/forums/images/icons/icon14.gif