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Track days nowadays.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Marx, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. There are a lot of posts on this subject – track days.
    But anyway:

    I’ve previously done a few, at Phillip Island, Sandown & Winton. Using my previous Kawsaki Zephyr 750, Honda CBR600 (’99) & Ducati 748, my frist being in 1998 to my last ride day in 2005.
    All except one Winton ride day – I rode to/from the track, doing the required mods to the bike at the track (For example Superbike School & Ducati Owners club of Vic want glass taped, mirrors removed etc).
    With that one Winton ride day I hired a trailer as previously I found the ride up in the morning from Melbourne, lapping the track all day & ride home in the evening, destroyed me.

    In 2009, I have a Hornet 900 which I commute & basically do a lot of unexciting riding. Last outing into the hills was months ago.
    Apart from Madaz cans, it’s stock & the tyres OK with enough meat (more than 2mm above the wear indicators at any part of the tyre) to pass scrutineering & the day.

    An opportunity comes up for a track day at Phillip Island this Labour day (9th March, waiting list though) so I figured I’ll re-live some ‘good ole days’.
    Thing is, I’m not sure if things have moved on with the whole track day caper.
    I know that riding to/from the track was previously frowned on, and I not sure if things have spiced-up in the sessions.
    What with the interest in track-only bikes amongst the average Joe’s I’m hoping that ‘binning it’ hasn’t become an inevitable expectation & riding behaviours have progressed accordingly.

  2. Nothing's changed mate. There are still enough crashes each ride day to make you think about trailering the bike.
    Had one guy yesterday from somewhere near Adelaide who totalled his ride, which he had ridden down on to watch the supers over the weekend, and now had to fly home and arrange somewhere to store the bike while he arranged transport back home for it. Quite a hassle for the guy.

    Did you have the yellow 748? I think we did the school in 2005 together?

    What group did you book into?

    I will be working in the hire department on Monday, come and say hi. :wink: :grin:
  3. I'm far from a regular (like you by the sound of it). The procedure is pretty much the same, the attitude is still friendly (mostly). The speed is up a bit, but stick in the slower groups and there shouldn't be any problems.

    Unfortunately, you shouldn't leave any tools lying around the garage unattended, though :cry:
    That never used to be an issue.
  4. You get 200+ people from all areas of life in the one place and there is bound to be a thief amongst them somewhere.....

    Sad, but true.... :cry:
  5. I find track days quite physically and mentally exhausting - particularly on a fast track like P.I. and on a naked bike. Then again, I'm well out of shape. But the thought of getting back on the bike and riding an hour and a half of freeway home in sweaty leathers really doesn't appeal.
  6. Why don't you ride home nude. The traffic will give you a wide berth.
  7. Hmm, intresting.
    We'll see how it pans out.

    I had a red 1998 Bi-posto.

    Edit: Friday afternoon & I haven't got the call to fill any vacant spots for the Monday rideday, so it looks like I'll be hitting the hills (somewhere thats not burnt) instead.
    Next ride day @ Phillip Island track is 30th Mach - that i can make, maybe this time I'll get my entery in before it sells out....