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Track days in Melb

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, May 3, 2005.

  1. What's the setup with track days down here? Is there anything happening after May 26th?

    Does PI have days where you can just put down a practice fee and whiz about on the track, like Mallala in Adelaide?

  2. Broadford and Winton do and both cost about $100 for the day.

    PI though will cost you in the vicinity of $200 for the same.

    I've done both Winton and PI.. Personally I had bags more fun at Winton and got heaps more track time for my $100
  3. The HMRAV website lists the following track days:

    Winton Raceway 12th Feb 2005 $135
    Winton Raceway 23rd April $135
    Broadford Raceway 19th June 2005 $125
    Winton Raceway 16th July $135
    Broadford Raceway 24Th July $90 plus Rec. licence if need be.
    Broadford Raceway 21st Aug 2005 $125
    Broadford Raceway 18th September 2005 $125
    Winton Raceway 23rd Oct 2005 $135
    Broadford Raceway 30th Oct 2005 $125
    Winton Raceway 19th Nov 2005 $135
    Winton Raceway 17th Dec 2005 $135


    Looks like May is a lean month.
  4. Thanks Chairman.

    Companion question: post-license riding courses for riders still on restrictions. What's out there? The HART intermediate looks more like a re-iteration of what we were taught at the MTA license course - I'm thinking something more speed oriented.
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  6. I just did the intermediate HART course... Yeah it's not real quick stuff, but it's very tight and technical and gets you really working those 600 hornets. I had a blast.

    They also do 2 levels of advanced training out at calder park at higher speeds, which they're waiting to get the numbers together for, so give em a ring and check it out. I've put myself down on the waiting list for their next level 8/9.