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Track Days around Brisbane

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D955, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all - I would like to have a go at some track days next year.

    I had a bit of a look through previous posts but did not come up with a list of available tracks in / around Brisbane.

    I don't mind travelling a few hours eg to Morgan Park at Warwick, where I believe they run them.

    Can anyone help with a list of venues?

  2. My understanding is;

    QR - Currently being re-surfaced

    Lakeside Raceway (Near North Lakes) - But requires you to have already attended 3 track days and also has a noise restriction, and from what I have heard only stock exhausts will pass.

    and Morgan Park in Warwick.

    they are the only three I know of, I hope that helps!
  3. That's great thanks.

    Sorry to fire more questions but can you help me with who to contact to get on these days?

    Is there a particular club that runs them?
  4. Thank you!
  5. Try champion ride days, they organize the track days at Lakeside and Qld Raceway.
  6. Yes, try Champions Ride Days - they have one this weekend and another next weekend at Lakeside (3 trackday rule relaxed perhaps).

    Also check the dates next year from the Motorcycle Sportsmen for Morgan Park.

    ... and the damn website has reverted back...

    Morgan park dates is a downloadable pdf file.
  7. +1 for champions ride day - I'll be doing my first track day at QR next Jan! :)
  8. I used to ride/race at Lakeside in the regularity events back in the 90's when STAY racing and the BEARS events were held and I still have a time sheet or two from that period. I've asked the Champions if those times will satisfy the 3 track day requirement but have yet to hear a reply.

    I F***ken rue the day Lakeside closed and the bike racing came to a halt......BASTARDS.

    It was some of the best days of the year AND took weeks to wipe the grin from my face.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has done any racing in QLD in recent years? Im really keen to buy a 400 and start competing....
    Also how much trouble is it to convert a road registered bike into a race bike? Probably better to just buy one race ready im thinking?
    Im booking in for a trackday at QR in january as well, I think it's the 21st...might see you there!
  10. vagabond - I may see you there.

    No racing ever, but I'm keen to start.

    400 is one option. I've chosen to go 600 superstock. I think 400 is a dying class.

    How much trouble is it to convert a pure stock roadie to a track / race bike? Some. Buying one that has all the gear and the setup work done would be better. I've bought an '02 R6 with race-glass and at least some of the full race prep done, but I think there are some other things I have to do. This was cheaper. Better prepared race bikes cost more but have less to spend / attend to later. I have to source and fit engine/case protection, a splash/ blow-up tray in the fairing, and some lock-wiring to race in super-stock. I already have race glass and some mild performance tuning that is allowed under s/stk rules. I suspect I may need to spend some time working through the rule book and unplugging overflows and stuff and jerrying up catch-bottles and things. I have some work ahead of me, but the bike was cheap.

    I'm still hunting up a trailer, tyre warmers, a generator, some race-type tyres, perhaps a spare set of rims, some cheap hand tools (my son is proposing to 'retire' some of his Snap-On kit from work to use as race tools, and turn up and assist, but I need to get him some cheap / average quality tools to replace them for work. He fixes trucks.)

    It's not a cheap pastime. The price to buy into it is not that high, but the price of running it and sustaining it is crippling. Like a big fast road bike only more-so.
  11. Thanks for the info kneedragon, I'm thinking the 600 would also be more practical as you wouldnt have to go through the trouble of upgrading. Until you want a thou that is...

    I was looking at a few 600 race bikes and your right they are fairly exxy. In saying that I'm not very mechanically minded so buying a roadie and learning about the bike and doing a lot of the work myself may save me a lot of stress later on if anything goes wrong.
    I'm working on an oil rig at the moment and have been hiding away as much extra cash as I can in order to start shopping :) Im still paying off my road bike though - I'm halfway there :) - so hasn't been a whole lot.

    Hopefully see you in January, Ill be on my gixxer.
  12. Look for the rattiest black R6 in the paddock - ridden by a toothless crippled 4-eyed grandfather. That one's me. It'll have 'P' plates. My race number - unless someone objects - is 50.