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Track Days and Road Speeds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. You often see people, here and in magazines and so on, say "Losing your license? Paying too many fines? Do track days instead!"

    But I dunno - how real do you think that is? Do those of you who do track days regularly *really* ride slower on the road? Or does it feed the need for speed (oo, alliteration!) and the skills too?
  2. well bravi me mate if you want to have a bit of fun i'll go to the track with you.. it will be the VFR400 vs the GSXF400. the beginning of the net rider 400 series cup...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    then after the day I can give you an informed position on post track day riding... at the moment I'm just speculating.
  3. Im not too sure on that but I've been iching to go on the track...

    I think going on the track then riding on the road you would still ride fast.
  4. Track days are completly different to the road experience.
    Firstly, you have a clear and controlled environment, where you know there's not going to be deadfall, other traffic or objects to kill you.
    Allows you to push the bike, or yourself to the limit and afford full concentration.

    On the road, most energy (should) is spent in road observation management. Cars, road surface conditions, unknown debris in turns. All which might make it thrilling for some, but very risky.

    I must admit, only feel truly comfortable hitting speeds on a track!
  5. It is true. If you're getting regular track time, all the riding you then do on the road is BOOORING. Well to me it is anyway. The kind of pace that used to be exciting on public roads is now dull, and any quicker sneaks into the realm of outright dangerous given that you can't see around corners, unreliable surfaces, no run off etc.

    So why do something boring that can result in losing your license and potentially your life?

    Roads are for getting from A to B for me now.
  6. It depends on the individual. As for those ads they are just to promote track days, going to track days wont make every person not speed on the road.
  7. Works for me. ...mostly. I speed less. I find if i have a track happening, then I'm looking forward to that and know I can have a "fang" without the problem off loosing my licence. Being able to ride at what ever speed you chose is good, but I enjoy the cornering much more, than a just blast down the straight. I'd be happy with a couple of track days a year, which does temper my riding over the posted limit, but more would be good. :grin:
  8. Track days : to have a feel of your bike's limit and enhance your riding skills that goes with that.
    The only thing that's stopping me from the track days is my insurance wont cover event like track days.
    Road riding is surviving skills.
  9. You really can't ride the same way on the road as you do on a track day, for obvious reasons...Once you get used to the freedom of the track, the road is far less inviting to run at silly speeds, so yeah...one does slow down on the road, I reckon. (I do).
    You can never fully relax on the road...too many dangers lurking.
  10. Im on the opposite side of the equation, I get WAY 2 MANY fines on the road so in November ive booked my first track day at Winton. Then Ill be able to answer your question. :LOL:
  11. For me, getting speed demons out on the track means less incentive to speed on the road.

    I havent' had a track day since December though and I can feel the demons calling... :twisted:
  12. I hope you post a first track day report, as that will be an interesting point of view on whether it changes your attitude towards what riding "fast" is and road vs track.

    Personally I can happily "cruise" on the road, though admit I don't get to the track as often as I'd like these days - probably 4 -5 times a year now.

    Going to the track is a 1 1/2 day commitment - prepare and you're out there the whole day - I'm semi-serious about my riding, whereas a ride in the hills to relax for a few hours is like the best end to a crappy week. It's just a different mindset for each.
  13. because on the track day you'll know how fast you really are, relatively

    they'll teach you, until you get faster on the later session and regain your confidence :)
  14. I do a track day every couple of months and it really does make me ride a little bit more sensible on the road, sure I have a quick squirt every now and then, but on the whole I leave it for the track.

    Do yourself a favour, get to the track. I don't care what bike you ride, I have seen all sorts out there. Not only will you have the time of your life, it will actually make you a better rider.
  15. Agree ^^^,
    get you and your bike on a track,
    is hell of a lot of fun,
    and in my case,
    after my brother and mates went nuts all day on a track,
    I was more aware of my speed on the road,
    and all those damm cars and trucks.
    Makes you feel small on the road after the freedom of the track.
    Give it a go,
    I bet you will enjoy it.
    And the instuctors will help lots,
    They can tell you what you are doing right and wrong,
    and the advice can really help being a better and more alert rider.

  16. .........
  17. Heh - the Gixxef is sick at the moment, or at least getting new rings, and I'm sure it'll be quicker when I get it back than when I sent it in, but it's never ever gonna scare the VFR, particularly with me aboard! Still, could definitely be fun. Think I'll do an advanced riding course first, then see where we get to.
  18. I guess the other question then is 'am I gonna feel like a dork on the oldest and slowest bike there?' ;) There's the 'harden up' answer to that, of course, and I know I'm responsible for how I feel, but is it dangerous to be doing maybe 40% of the speed of some other bikes? Or do they do sessions with reasonably similar bikes? Or...?
  19. they do a few different sessions. slow, intermediate and fast. i'm goin to the paperclip(queensland Raceway) on the 24th. i'll definitley be in the slow group!!! i'm just goin out to have a go around a track. with no cars or trees trying to kill me :p hoping to chat o the more experievnced riders in the other groups to pick up alot of tips :) i'm no speed demon on the road already. so will let you know after the track day how i am on the road as a result.

    p.s. anyone else going on the 24th? i'm goin with a mate not from NR
  20. And the other thing is that you don't need a pristine 200X model 600 or 1000 to have a good time and be competitive. Get a track bike, something crashed, something older, something that looks crappy but goes well. Plenty around nice and cheap.