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track day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by lisa R1, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. hi i was thing about doing my frist track day at Phillp Island but how do i know which group to book into , fast, med fast, med or slow , i have been on tracks before but i have never been on a track here in Australia , is slow really SLOW :?:

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I have only done the one track day and you could start out in the slower group and if you felt that it was too slow you could move up to the next group. They will help you on the day.

  3. a lot of the riders in the slow group are track-day virgins (or just happy to putt around without pushing it).. and all of the riders in the Med or fast groups are not..
    My advice is to start in thre slow group at least for the first session, I have never seen a problem with changing groups during the day.
  4. Hi,

    Practical experience with PI Ride days is that slow is genuinely slow, normally people are doing 2:20+. Lines are all over the place and lack confidence. I've seen fast guys in that group who should be at least 2 levels higher.

    Medium slow can also be slow. I've found a lot of people in this group who when registering think they should not be in the slow group when their lap times tell another story. Either way, they tend to be quicker than the slow group and more predictable. Lines are more or less ok.

    Medium fast is conistent sub 2:00, though you will find people slower than that. Generally good consistent lines.

    Fast is sub 1:55's and very confident, fast lines. Normally club racers (or better) and using track time for setup and practice.

    I mention the lines as that (for me) is the most critical part. I don't care if someone is slower, I'll get past. It's when you can't predict what part of the track they might use and how easily they get spooked when someone is near them.

    At the last PI ride day I did, a friend got taken out by a guy who just stood his bike up mid corner (no reason) and took the front wheel away.

    Lisa, you coming to Winton?

  5. Thanks Cejay , sorry but i can't make it to Winton on friday , i will be at Phillp Island , i went riding today and met up with some guys on R6's , so i spent all day riding around with then ,when i spoke to them about Phillp island they said i should start of in medium slow then move up latter in the day to medium fast as they thought i should be doing under 2:00 laps one of then said that after i had been there a few times he thinks i will be consistently under 1:50. i have only seen Phillp island on the TV and have allways thought it would be fun so i am about to find out :grin:
  6. ..oo00OO(thinks Lisa will be popular on this site...)

    Hi Lisa,

    Sounds like you know what your on about in terms of performance riding... and sounds like those guys have got you pegged. Get your "eye in" in medium slow, then you'll more than likely get bumped up if you're chopping up the field or ask to be bumped if you're being held up in corners.

    Watch out for a brilliantly deceptive corner called siberia... it's a classic highside spot (personal ouch)... actually... there are 12 brilliantly deceptive corners at PI... it's a brilliant track.

    Have a blast!


  7. I guess that a decent way to guage how "quick" you are for purposes of which group to book into for PI would be to use your prior lap times at tracks you've been to, and compare them the superbike equivalent lap-record for that track.

    If your best lap time is <20% slower (i.e. your time is less than the superbike [not MotoGP] track record multiplied by 1.2) at some track than the lap record, book yourself into the "Fast" group.

    If your best time is <30% slower, then Medium-Fast

    If <40% slower, then Medium-Slow

    If >40% slower, then the Slow group.

    One of the problems with booking into the Medium-Slow group, and then trying to move up, is that the Medium-Fast group is often heavily overbooked. When I first started at PI I was in the Medium-Slow group, decided that I should've been in Medium-Fast, but there was no room for me to make that jump the entire day.
  8. I did my track day last November in Slow group (white) being my first track day. And what do you know they have people with tyre warmers and racing glass on that group :shock:
  9. They have people with medium compound slicks, tyre warmers, and fully tricked out (as in many many $$$ on suspension, motor work, carbon-fibre, etc, etc) track/race bikes in the Fast group too, and I still run rings around more than a few of them on my near stock street bike (Yoshi exhaust + 2T larger rear sprocket) with street tyres and no tyre warmers.

    If some of these guys spent 1/10th as much on rider training for themselves as they do on their bikes, they'd have a much faster bike for much, much cheaper. I'm a bit weird though I guess. I always told myself that I wouldn't get any work done to the bike until I managed to get below 1:50 first by improving the quality of the nut that connects the handlebars to the seat.
  10. Thanks Stew , i think i will just book into the mediam slow group and see how i go , this will be my first time down there , so i will just see how i go , thanks for the heads up on moving around in the groups , but i don't think it would be a problem for little me :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Well I tried in mid-summer peak season. During the cooler months the sessions seem to be getting less crowded, so moving around may be easier than when I tried it.