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VIC Track Day vs Practice Day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dima, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Could you please explain the main differences between the two and when/why to go to one over another?

    (More specifically, in relation to the MV/Broadford http://www.motorcyclingvic.com.au/index.php?id=27)

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    Ive always thought that trackday is where any punter can just get a track license or a racing license............practice day pretty much requires you to have a racing license.
  3. If you have to ask, you will get blown into the weeds on a practice day.
  4. ^ Not really in c and d grade
  5. Practice days at broadford are generally for guys setting up there race bikes or practicing for an upcoming race.I have done quite a few of these and I think they are way better than champions days as just about everybody knows what they are doing I have been doing trackdays for quite a while and feel comfortable with them.Saying that if you are pretty new to track days probably not for you.
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  6. Thanks for good helpful answer.

    Not for you... You mean track day or practice day or both?
    Can one go to practice days instead of track days?
    I was told that it is safer and better environment during the practice as there are no "heros" there, but I can imagine only the racers can go there?

  7. Non racers go there to but in my experience its mostly racers as they tend to be held the friday of a race weekend, and there safer cause a. the people there tend to be expirenced and b. no one wants to bin there bike then have to sort it out before racing on sat sun
    What the last comment is getting at is alot of the people there will be race fast and they aren't always grouped like track days ie fast and slow groups some of the ones I've done were grouped in race classes, and don't tend to have rules about overtaking (Depends who's running the day though)
    As a rider who's new to track riding this safer and better environment probably won't seem like it when you're getting passed all the time, the people doing it will be doing it safe and clean it probably just wont feel like that when your new.
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    Sorry. Question was already asked by AznCruiser.

    But, I would also assume you can't simply telnet into Mordor....sorry....I mean run your bike on Practice Day, without the appropriate license.
  9. Basically they are the same thing, the difference would be who is running the day, if it's a motorcycle club then it may be called be a practise day - and will likely contain more racers, if it's a business like champions then it will be referred to as a track day. If you feel you would like to go ride the track - go for it at either! The requirements are exactly the same as far as what you need.

    Get out there and have fun.
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  10. Track day is usually held by a business (e.g champions ride days) who rents out the track and provides the service. Usually consist of a more casual crowd and is grouped into skill levels.

    Practice days at Broadford are held by motorcycling victoria, and is open to anyone. Usually alot more racers and it's grouped into bike capacity, rather than skill level. I went last week and its 90% racers, but i found that to be a good thing! It's very relaxed in a sense that their is minimal scrutineer and restrictions on video recording the track. Practice days are cheaper aswell! i would recommend this over a track day.
  11. Interesting. Up here, the ride days are held by TERRA who are the race organisers. They won't allow non-racers on practice days.

    Surely there is an MA requirement regarding your license. Up here we have to get a one day recreational license to do track days?