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VIC Track day tyres

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by bsaac, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm after some advice regarding what tyres to get for my track bike

    I've recently bought a 2007 GSXR 750 as my first track bike it probably needs some new rubber before it's first outing at the Island

    As a back ground I've only done 2 previous track days and my pace has been towards the front of the slow group so I'm very much the novice still.

    So my question is what sort of tyres would best suit my pace?

    I've got warmers etc but I'm concerned that my limited pace wont be enough to get proper slicks up to temperature?

    I'll probably do 4-6 track days this summer so if I could get a pair of tyres to last that long it would be good also (not sure how realistic this is?)

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. Don't get slicks. Just some sticky street Tyres. Maybe racetech s ?
  3. Hey champions ride days are selling Dunlop D211 GPA they recommend them saying there the best treaded tyre for track use about $470 a pair
  4. Depends on your budget too. Any decent sports/track tire will do. I use Dunlop SportsMax and they work great for middle group pace.
    If you have bought a track bike, does it have aftermarket suspension? That is another thing you should look into.
  5. For the first few times I wouldn't stress too much, any modern rubber will be fine, then once you turn up the wick a little move up to track orientated treaded rubber, and finally (if you ever need to), slicks.

    Treaded tyres are a lot easier to read, and a bit more forgiving unless your suspension setup is spot on!
  6. Dunlop Q3's.
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  7. On the same topic - when using some good street / sports tyres - does it help to use tyre warmers or is the effect not that great?
  8. Super Corsa :] but sadly they will be DEAD after the 6th track day. Pretty expensive too about 500$
  9. I'm devoted to Pirellis and had a chance to chat with Peter Goddard. He says the SC 1 & 2's are very close to what racers use on the track, but of course they wear out pretty fast.

    GeorgeOGeorgeO on the subject of Tyre warmers for road tyres, Again from Peter Goddard, he says that they will pay for themselves if you do a few track days per year. The Heat Cycle that tyres go through on a track day, up to 6 times a day, draws the oils in the rubber out very quickly and increases the wear rate. By using tyre warmers you will significantly increase the life of the tyre. I've bought a set with adjustable heat. Michelin and Dunlops like about 80c, while Pirelli's should not be heated above 60c
  10. From what I have heard tyre warmers are good but if you get held in the pit lane to get on track you loose a lot of tyre temp
  11. Thanks for the advice guys

    I've got Diablo Corsa's on my SF848 which is the bike I've my 2 track days on any they seemed to go ok

    Is it worth getting something a bit stickier or won't it matter at my speed?
  12. Senator17 I'm not sure about the 60 degrees for pirellis. .. ?

    They will be coming back in from a session much much hotter than that.
    But yes your right still run warmers on road tyres. Many different benefits including those you mentioned.

    To the op
    Yes any sports rubber will be sufficient from the sounds of your riding. But why don't you look at pirelli superbike pro slick extremely hard wearing. You won't break any records with them though. Their just not that grippy.
    My mate was circulating about 49s at the island with them until he couldn't comfortable go faster. I'm sure others with more talent could've.
    He then put on an Ntec and was able to do 46/47s
  13. Of course but which would you prefer going out with tyres that are 50 degrees or 20?
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  14. What speed?
  15. +1 on the tire warmers improving tire life
  16. What group are you in when doing track days, as you get faster it is better to have a tire that will cope better with the punishment you give it.
  17. Even with Tyre warmers, It's important to remember to bring the tyres up to temp as the first lap they won't be as grippy as once they are warmed up. I've seen a lot of crashes on first laps out even with Tyre Warmers. Your muscle memory from the previous session will tell you haw hard you can go, but you won't be able to go that hard on the first lap out. If you watch MotoGP, you'll notice that their first few laps are slower and they do their best laps a few laps in. And those guys have the state of the art stuff.
  18. I'm just relaying the info I got from Peter Goddard at a Tyre Night put on by Bike Biz and Pirelli. He is a test rider for Pirelli and Ohlins, as well as racing superbikes. It's his suggestions for pressure and temperature that I am using. He says that Pirellis construction is different to other manufacturers, and that warming them to 80 degrees will mess up the compound as it strips out the oils too fast. I'm not a racer, so I don't have the budget to test and measure the difference. So I ask questions and try to get the best information to work with.
  19. Never had an issue with Pirelli Superbike sc1 sc2 slicks and I heat them to 80 degrees. Never had a life issue put of them either
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  20. Hi guys

    On the two days I've done I'm at the front of the slow group so not fast by any means

    I was looking at the Superbike Pro slick but I was a bit worried that my pace might not get them up to their optimial temperature?