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N/A | National Track day tyre question

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Blaz, May 13, 2013.

  1. Going to make this quick and simple. It may be a stupid question, but are repaired tyres allowed on the track?

    Reason I ask:
    My tyre managed to pick up a screw on the freeway, had to plug up the hole when I got home. Now I am planning a track day, and would like to know if I can use this same tyre on the track. If not, then ill have to purchase another.

    Personally I don't see a problem in using it, but Eastern Creek may say otherwise?

  2. Can't say I've ever seen them check that close, normally just tread depth and you are good to go.
  3. What he said...^
  4. yeah they normally only check the tread depth.

    If it was me I'd purchase another tyre, they go through quite alot of stress on the track, and the plug is probably a weak point structurally .

    I'd keep and use the plugged tyre for road only, most bike shops will put it on a rim and balance for only $20.
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  5. I've used a plugged tyre at the track a couple of times. They saw it, didn't mention anything... Would i use a plugged tyre on the track ever again? No.
  6. At Broadford you are not allowed on with a plugged tyre, however that's if they see it. For safety aspect, they won't let you on and not sure how the insurance works with them if you go on track, stack it and was found with unsafe tyres (for track conditions).

    Personally I'd suggest getting a new tyre for the track...or if you can, buy a spare set of rims with track tyres and swap them over whenever you please.
  7. Out of interest is that because you noticed a difference or because you just wouldn't risk it?

    I've pretty much determined track days are cursed for me lol
    First track day I did my bike died on me and had to be push started multiple times.
    Second track day I did I got a nail in the rear tyre the day before and had a slow leak. Just managed to get a replacement.
    Third track day I turned up at the petrol station just before the creek only for my mate riding behind me to point out I had 2 nails in the rear.
    Literally never got a nail in my rear tyre or have had a bike actually die except for right on or before a track day.
  8. I have done a lot of track days and personally would never use a plugged tyre,i feel it could be dangerous not only for myself but also for others.But hey what would I know only been riding on the road for 30 plus years and track days 1 per month for the last 3 years.Just my opinion
  9. I couldn't notice any difference at all. In fact, i did 3 track days with it like that, and by the end of third day, it still looked like the day i got it. No stress marks around it.
    Right now, i push a lot harder than what i did back then, and for that reason alone i will not use a plugged tyre at the track.

    I used a plugged tyre at Broadford x2 and Phillip island once.
  10. Yes it's when the plug falls out that you have a problem.
  11. yeah thats why I replaced mine, this thought of failure on the straight or turn 1 scared the hell out of me. Not much you can do if your tyre blows out.
  12. Yeh it doesn't have to blow out even if it just goes flat quickly you could be in a whole world of hurt.

    It's an extreme example but years ago I was doing a huge burnout in a v8 commodore with a locked diff. I didn't realize one of the tyres had a plug in it. First thing I knew of it was when I blew an axel. The plug spat out and deflated the tyre rapidly.
  13. I had a similar experience on early track days, got a self tapper self tapped before the day and plugged it.
    I managed to buy a second hand virtually new tyre with a small commuter chicken strip that i fitted. By the end of the day it was nicely rounded and i replaced my plugged tyre for road work and flicked the other one off again. Cost me $5 all up that i lost on the tyre and a bit of skin doing the swap over.
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    Welcome to the trackday headaches lol............

    IMO im fairly new to trackdays myself, especially compared with other track day junkies out there. But apart from your normal coming off the bike (once), ive had pretty bud luck myself. Ive had my RS125 sieze up on me at Marulan (aparently the guy who tuned the bike tuned it at lower elevation), my ZX6R have rev issues at EC, my trailer fender fly off a few times, my CBR400RR have a coolant leak coming into the pits (fan sensor wire wiggled itself off)............and in the last three trackdays (space of a month) ive had a dead battery at Wakefield (left keys on bike while filling up), then leaky fork seal at the south circuit, and dead battery last Saturday (had to jump start the bike every session)...........

    Normal trackday antics IMO, far better than the poor guys last Saturday who had their R6 burn to crisp on track, badly crash the hire bike in the first few sessions, or had their bike spewing oil all over the main straight........
  15. Yeah saw the R6 pics, looked like a pretty mega fireball. lol didn't someone else bin there bike in the pits in front of everyone?
  16. Yeah apparently cold slicks...........hopefully its not one of his mates sneakily turning off his warmers. Still, to loose it in the pit area would be a bit embarrassing :(............there was also another guy who nearly lost it at the pits.
  17. My back tyre on my track bike needs a change and I just found a near brand new Pirelli Diablo Superbike Pro Slick.

    Now my front tyre still has good tread but its a Dunlop Sportmax GP-A.

    Any issue running a semi-slick on back with a treaded tyre up front?

    (Side info - I'll be using warmers on the tyres between sessions)
  18. Don't ask me why but I've seen a lot of people running the opposite - slick front and treaded rear. One reason I heard was that the DOT tyres have a broader heat range where as the real serious guys switch compounds of slicks for different conditions.

    Do some research on the superbike pro, they are known to be a terrible tyre. I'd stay away from it, but I'll leave you to sus it out from what you can find about them. The "pro" model is actually lower spec than the non pro model.
  19. Just found out that it's not the Pro slick but the full slick - SC2.

    Originally I wanted to go with the Pro's as I've read they are a decent tyre in-between road and track (full slick) which will also last a lot longer than your full slick, but now I guess I'll try this SC2 which will probably last 3, maybe 4 track days?

    Any thoughts?
  20. Probably be fine, if your still hanging around in white/yellow I doubt you will even notice a difference. There are theories that you shouldn't mix carcass types when mixing tyres. Ie don't mix soft carcass tyres(prielli, metzeler) with stiff carcass (dunlops) tyres but I reckon you will be fine given your pace.
    Plenty of people mix up tyres, if it does end up feeling bad on the day go buy a pirelli SC front from madaz ... or if your a cheap ass like me nick a tyre of the tyre pile and hope for the best lol.