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VIC Track day tape

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bam Bam, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm booked into Cali Superbike school at the Island next week.
    I've heard people say they will tape up my headlight, mirrors and speedo.

    Is this so glass does not go all over the track in the event off an off?

    If so, can i put clear headlight film over these items instead?

    Or is the reason for tape because they don't want you to use mirror's and know your speed?

    Can anyone clarify who has done the course?

    Also, is a full tank of fuel enough to get me through the day?
    I get around 220km out of my tank pushing hard, till my low fuel light comes on.

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  2. Its to prevent you from looking what is behind you and checking your speedo, the focus should always be on where you are going.
    For headlight they suggest taping it up if it is made out of glass, which most manufacturers stopped makeing a very very long time ago.
    You should get a spare 5 l jerry can just in case.
  3. What ^^ said.

    The point of the training is not to go fast, but to go well. Speed is a by product.
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  4. Maybe take a small 5 liter with you for piece of mind but Level 1 you are 4th gear only for most of the day and I can't quite remember but I'm pretty sure I didn't use a full tank. Last couple of sessions I think they give you 3rd gear as well.

    As above said, they tape mirrors so you are concentrating on what's in front of you and your drills, forget about what is behind you. And taping the speedo is so you build gut feeling of what speed to enter corners in, not what your speedo says.

    My Tips:

    Not many people do this but I took a pen and book and wrote down notes of the class sessions so I could go over what they said at the end of the day or even months later.
    Drill 1 they basically fill a whiteboard with information so going to be pretty hard to remember that let alone another 4 drills of info.

    They say 4th gear only but if you are in 4th gear going down the straight, instead of holding it constantly at red line or near red lining it, just pop it into 5th and cruise at lower RPM. Just make sure you are back in 4th well before the corner so you can get back to concentrating on your drill.

    Take water and non lunch snacks/food to keep your energy up.
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  5. Why do they discourage looking behind you? Are they teaching you to shoulder check?
  6. Thanks for the feed back guys. will have to bring a note pad and pen.

    I won't bother with the film then.
    My bike does have glass for the headlight.
  7. As AdamAAdamA said "As above said, they tape mirrors so you are concentrating on what's in front of you and your drills, forget about what is behind you"
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  8. It's a race track and you're there to learn how to corner with all your full attention focussed on the task. You look after the safety of the person ahead and yourself. Expect the person behind you to do the same.
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  9. As soon as you start checking what is going on behind you, you become a danger to yourself and others in front of you and behind you. On a race track, your concentration is on what is in front, lets say someone hits the deck in front of you as you are checking behind to see if you are holding someone up, most likely, you end up hitting the deck as well.
    Rule of the thumb on a race track while doing a track day or course is that you look after the person in front.
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  10. Do they eventually teach you to be fully aware of your surroundings? The reason I ask is it sounds more likely you'll cut someone off and have an accident that way rather than hit something in front of you.

  11. You are on a race track.

    Race bikes don't have mirrors.

    Out on the road, use your mirrors as the hazards behinds you are important.

    Stop complicating a simple process dude. lol
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  12. Like robsalvv said, CSS course is intended to improve your riding skills on race tracks and then you can utalise those skills on public roads. Skills like corner entry/exit/speed, body position, braking and so on. Nothing to do with better awareness of your surrounding or becoming a zen master :)
  13. We're just talking here.

    No big deal. I've never done one of these courses.
  14. CSS teaches a structured and very well organised set of skills. Your focus needs to be on those skills and not distracted by your speedo (look how fast I went) or looking in the mirrors at what is going on behind you. The instructors will explain why your speedo and mirrors are taped up. (Headlight will be taped up if it is made of glass so if you have an off, you won't leave broken glass everywhere.)

    It's basically so you pay attention to doing the drills on track and not on less important stuff.

    You will need extra fuel. I usually get 240 to 250 k's on the road. I had to re fuel at the end of the 4th session, mostly to be safe as there is nothing worse than getting fuel surge part way through a session. I did 158 k's on the track and would not have been able to do that on just the fuel in my tank. And I took the bike out to the track on a trailer.

    I also took a note pad and pens (More than one in case it failed) but they also have pens at the sign in garage. That night after I had unpacked, I did my own debrief and annotated my Twsit 2 book with what I had learned and also what I had experienced. That way when I'm working on a technique, I have not only the reference material from the book, but my own observations as well along with their techniques.

    Most of all have fun, that's what it is all about.
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    sounds like something new to try then!
    I've heard even pro's gain from doing the California super bike school.

    Thanks for the heads up on the fuel. I thought just filling up before the start at the servo's in Cowes would be enough.

    The problem i have with that is i am staying at the island from Saturday with my wife and kids, then they go home sunday leaving me to stay the night so i can be fresh in the morning for an early fuel up and start on Monday.
    After the event, i intend to ride home, fuelling up at san Remo. it will take me approx 1 hr to ride home from there.
    I dont wanna carry 5ltrs of fuel on my back!

    What would you advise?

    I'm thinking of stashing a 5ltr plastic fuel can full of fuel near the gate somewhere the night before! lol
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    That's correct. There have been many riders over the years, some very famous MOTOGP riders included, who have benefitted from CSS

    Occy straps, a 5 lt jerry can and a back pack. Keep the occy straps in the backpack with maybe some drinks. Fill it at Cowes and strap it to the back seat of the bike. On your way home, you can strap the empty jerry can to the back seat and won't even notice the back pack with the occy straps in it.
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  17. that's probably the only thing i can do!
    I have a good back pack to bring:
    rain pants and top (these roll up small)
    A few chocolate bars
    couple of rags
    entry forms
    wallet with license etc.

    Anything else you reckon i'm missing??
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  18. You're going to be lucky to cover about 100k's in level one at CSS and you wont be full throttle until the last session where they let you play a little more. I really think you wont be needing that extra fuel.

    Also, you'll be absolutely buggered from information and sensory overload. Take it easy on the ride home.
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  19. good to know!

    Do they deflate tyres a little? do i need to bring my gauge?
  20. Dude, stop over thinking it. Take yourself, bike, entry forms all your gear, water and jelly snakes and you're set to go.

    It's a very well oiled machine they run.
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