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Track day - Rider error (What did he do wrong?)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Set, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. #1 Set, Apr 27, 2011
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    Hope this is the right forum, if not apologies.

    I will soon be getting my new bike and when I do I want to do some track days. Now I've been doing a bit of reading on such days and how riding on the track is different to road riding (duh).

    I had a mate of mine show me this youtube clip and ask me what the rider did wrong that caused him to go down, however (maybe due to the distance between the camera and him) I can't really see much wrong with what he did, he seems to have the right line, he's looking through the corner etc etc.

    Crash occurs at about 3:50.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: [media=youtube]vBRUdlICEeM[/media]
  2. Well, he lost the front, but I couldn't say with any certainty why it happened. He didn't seem to be going very hard before it happened, and he was leaned well over. It's possible the tyre was cold. It looks late in the day, and perhaps the front had been heat-cycled once too often, just wasn't up to the job any more, and our rider didn't have the experience / feel to read the signs. I can't really say I'm sorry. [edit] I mean, I'm sorrry, but I can't really tell you - not that I don't care about him...

    I get the impression that he's not an experienced track rider, and he's come out for the last session of the day and done one slow lap, then dropped it on its ear at turn 1 and it's just let go, as they do... The fact that you were leaning that far quite well in the last session doesn't mean you can jump on and go straight back to that level at the beginning of the next. As the tyre gets old and worn, it takes longer to heat up, and it will never quite reach the grip it had new. Beginners sometimes don't realise how a whole day at the track can munt what was a new tyre.
  3. Either added lean angle and throttle, grabbed the front brake or stiffed armed. Looks like his front end turns toward the track and then lets go. Might be a novice as he wasnt going too quick.
  4. He looks like he is all kinda wrong.
    First his body. Not inside aiding the bike to corner at all. Hard to say from that angle but probably back too. When the CBRR goes by he is very upright and I don't think he comes forward at all.
    So he is using much more of the tyre than necessary. Much more lean angle than necessary. The tyres could have been cold but with that rigid posture I don't think warm tyres would have helped.

    His head. Not keeping his eyes level with the tarmac at all. Like he has a rod all the way through his head, down his back and through the seat. So he has no balance at all. Ride like that and the slightest thing can bring you down. So as soon as his peg touches down he is off.
    I would have to say more than anything bad posture and positioning, which leads to bad balance. Kinds over turns the corner for the speed he is doing too.
    How much fun would that track be to play on.
  5. Looks nice and smooth, doesn't it?
  6. Sure does. That's what led me away from the tyres. He just tips till he is down ha ha.
  7. I got it, he fell off
  8. actually looks like the front wheel broke free and he dropped it,
  9. Well, he does'nt really get into any kind of proper
    body position for the corner, so he has had to lean the bike alot more, and as a result just loses the front-end.
    But tyres, tyre pressures, could have been part of it to, who knows!?

    Love that track- Blade country! :)
  10. I thought i saw the rear end lose traction, (could be seeing things as i saw the embedded version so the screen was small), so maybe he was off the throttle and got a bit too greedy and not smooth getting back on to the throttle while tipped over and that then progressed into him falling??
  11. what happened to the multiple choice questions.......is there an all of the above option?