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NSW Track day question

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jayzee, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Hey first time posting, just wanted to ask - are speed humps on leather jackets a requirement or option? Referring to the tracks in NSW if you guys are familiar.

  2. An option mate - so long as the jacket is leather, then all good.
  3. Sweet, thanks for clearing that up bro.
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  4. Speed humps knock 5 seconds off your lap time though
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  5. 7.8 seconds actually........
  6. Only due to being an anti-nodding device that stops you acknowledging all of the other riders at the track.
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  7. They are good for storing your sammiches though.
  8. You could Nutri-Bullet them and drink them out of the hump. Nutritious and hydrating.

    On a serious note, the humps seem to me to be an aero aid. Do they serve any safety purpose?
  9. Yep you put the air bag in them
  10. I took my padding out of mine to get a bit more room in my suit.

    It was either that or go running.

    I think i've stalled the running for a few more pints and a few more months yet.
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  11. I think they are also a safety for if you crash, they stop your head from being whipped backwards on impact??
  12. I would think it depends on your helmet shape as well.

    My shoei rear catches on the back. I've seen a few others (more racing orientated) that are shaped at the back to not catch - maybe not that protective?
  13. Not really -- a speed hump is purely for aerodynamics / WombleWomble sammich-storage. I don't know of any that have any purpose-built safety features. In fact, if you have an off, the speed hump will alter the normal alignment of your cervical spine, making you conventionally un-intubatable in the supine position. The very first thing to do is log-roll the patient to their side and cut the hump out using a scalpel along the seam where it joins the suit, before attempting to manage their airway. There's a special position (neck flexed, head extended on the neck) we use to tube people and the speed hump completely destroys this until you remove it.

    Please note: if you come across a rider down with a hump in-situ, don't attempt to remove it on the side of the road! You need to immobilise their spine properly to make this safe, which requires multiple people and things like hard collars and so on. Wait for the ambos to come sort it out.
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  14. Makes sense. If you're at the track and you're nodding to passing riders, you're going the wrong way.
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