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Track Day Preperation

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Matchstick01, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    Was just curious as to what should be done to my bike in specific preperation for a trackday. So not so much the check tyres and chain and fluid levels that you would normally do for the road anyway, but more things like taking blinkers off, what stuff should i be doing? The bike is only gonna be on the track for about 6 months, so i don't mind taking a bit more time to do extra things.



  2. AFAIK mirror taped. tat's it. track days rite
  3. If your using normal road glass than tape up the mirrors (or take them off) tape up the headlight or take it out (easier to tape) you need to saftey wire your oil cap, wheel nut, sump plug, distilled water not coolent in radiator.

    thats all i can think of at the moment

  4. The more stuff you remove, the less stuff you have to pay for if you have an 'off'. Indicators, mirrors, tail/plate assembly is probably about it really. If you can pick up some 2nd hand race glass, that could save you a whole lot of cash in the event of a slide down the road.
  5. This is more the case for Race days, track days generally dont require any safety wiring.
  6. Did you just lose your license? :LOL:
  7. I didn't lose it, i know exactly where it is, in the hands of the nice police officer who pulled me over :cry:

    Thanks for the tips guys, can't wait to get out there. Hopefully i'll do oran park on the 5th :grin:
  8. 6 months aint long. Be patient. Don't ride disqualified.
  9. Will do, its just suspended, don't want to turn it into a disqualification.

    I get pulled over way too often, so the cbr250 is gaaaaaaaawn and the f4i isn't registered. Will be about 8 months before i'm back on the road because i still have 2 and a half months left on my Ps, and hopefully when i come back it'll be on an r1 :grin:
  10. Worse can happen if you don't stay cool
  11. Don't you have to have a valid licence to do a track day in NSW? You sure do here in Vic.
  12. Maybe if you want to keep buying one off day licenses.

    The Senior National MA license however just needs a club official to sign off on it regards competency. I'm pretty sure this is Aus wide.

    Matchstick01, didnt mean to laugh mate. Sucks to lose your road privileges, been there done that, a couple of times.
  13. MA licence might do if you're racing, but I think Champions and the like say you need to have a valid licence for the bike you are riding.
  14. I rang up circuit breakers yesterday and explained to them the situation, the said it doesn't matter if i never had a licence in the first place, you can still do there track days.