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Track day prep?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by HeavyNinja, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. So I have been looking at a level 1 ride day in Perth 29th july. I was going to trailer my bike up and back incase shit went wrong so I had a way to get home, however my bike will already be up there due to not having a second car, parents are away and my boss just caused my car to need repairs, so folks said go up and get their other 4wd and use it. So given my bike will already be up there figured it a good excuse to book in.

    I don't have leathers, I have a dririder air ride 3 which has shoulder, back and elbow guards and I have kevlar jeans. Do I need leathers.

    I know I will need to replace my brakes and probably do the oil even though only did it 1000km ago.

    I know about taping lights, removing side mirrors etc, however will they stop me for my snapped gear control arm. When my mrs dropped my bike, the arm snapped but it had a second hole so I just screwed the peg into the second hole. This of course has left a jagged bit on the end of the arm.

    Otherwise bike is in good nick, new tyres etc.
  2. you should never screw your peg into the second hole
    not without permission anyways
    look on the web site it will tell you what you need
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  3. Full leathers are mandatory at all track days textstyles not accepted !!
    If you don't own some yourself you can normally hire them from the track day provider.
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  4. Way more fun to beg forgiveness after than ask for permission before....................
  5. just use the sheets after
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