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Track day on a 250

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Neon, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I recently bought a '11 cbr250r i've done a few 1000k's on it now and i'm thinking it would be fun to do a track day on it.
    Just wondering what your thoughts are on doing a track day on a 250?
    I'm more concerned about the straights because i'm in QLD so the only track available to me is QR which has a few fairly long straights and this bike will only do 160ish so will it be a danger going that slow compared to other riders.

  2. Hi mate and welcome to NR. Plenty of riders to track days on a 250. Although it may not keep up with bigger bikes on the straights but you can still have heaps of fun.

    Perfect bike to start learning the skills of the motorcycling trade. Do know that your insurance will not cover for any damage if you stack it. Cover your rego plates when you go out there and have fun!

    Yes, you can do it on a 250!
  3. The way I understand it is: You can do a track day on anything as long as the peeps running the show will let you on with it, just make sure you have plenty of money cause everything wears out quicker and you want to make sure you have the money to repair/replace the bike if you stack! Plus make sure you've got good gear, you safety wire stuff that could fall off, etc.
  4. For sure! The little 250s are great bikes for the track. They are pretty much a scaled down superbike, the skills you learn on that bike will transfer onto 600s & 1000s down the track. The only thing you might need is some TYGA rearsets when you start scraping the pegs.

    Just remember at the track to stay on the racing line. Don't feel that you should move aside to let faster bikes past. The idea is the guy behind is responsible for getting past the guy infront cleanly. Take the racing line, go as hard as you want and focus on the track and the bikes infront only. The only time slow bikes are a problem on the track is when they ride unpredictably.
  5. yeah kind off figured insurance won't cover a stack on the track. champions ride days run it at QR might have to give them a ring.
    was just going to hire some gear for the first time i've got a pretty decent helmet and glove just need leathers and boots
    why cover your rego plates?
  6. I've done track days on a 125 and a 150. Great fun and I learned heaps. Plus you get to ride around the outside of guys on litre bikes ;) Not the fast ones though :)
  7. If you do stack your bike, this will allow you to make an insurance claim. They don't know whether you stacked it the track or in the twisties on the weekend.

    Sometimes (it is claimed) that insurance companies hire investigators who take photos or use photos taken from track photographers to see if you were at the track on the day. If you have your rego plates covered, you are immune to this construct.

    You will need to drop tyre pressures to around 30 psi on the track. Please do not ride on road pressures. Also carry some tape to cover your headlights and mirrors. Carry plenty of fluids as you can get dehydrated. Have fun and be predictable.

    Also, just remember that your first time on the track may not make you go faster immediately. Don't try and set records straight up. You will have a ball.:angel:
  8. cbr250 (old one) is great for track days, they are definitely faster than some bikes out there on the straights...............and could keep up with bigger bikes on corners.
  9. In order to drive up the premiums of honest folk by pretending your track crash happened on the road. Only wankers do that.
  10. I swear this site is filling up with more and more Donny DoRights each day. Keep your beige politically correct opinions to yourselves and go out and get a life! Perhaps get laid while you're at it.

    OP - Hope you have a blast champ :)
  11. These look great - Coaching day one day and a track day the next. Track day also has coaches available.
    Only hassle is they are on a Thursday and Friday. They need that with full racing on the weekend.
  12. all for it bro on the 250, done 3 tack days and 2 levels of Cali superbike school.
    my insurance did cover the days though, but excess doubled.
    trust me you wont be pushing that hard on ya first day so should be pretty safe, actually i do recall going balls out on my last lap on my very first track day.
    youll be sweet as.
  13. You'll just be put in a slow group, loosely matched to your bike and you.
    You needn't worry about some guys on thou's passing you at 270, even though you may get passed by some in yr group with a higher skill level.

    That's how it goes at PI, anyway.
  14. cool thanks for the info guys the next day a QR i can do is in march so it's a bit away but i'll definitely be going
  15. That's the first time in my life that I've ever been accused of being politically correct :-s

    Perhaps you'd care to enlighten us as to why insurance fraud is a good idea?
  16. I SLOWLY overtook an sv650 last track day down the straight on a 92 250RR, it was a faired version too, however i am inclined to think it was a LAMS version as well

    To the OP, just do it, its the best fun you can have (until you crash) but then you still come back for more! i've done five on my 92' RR & now i am usually one of the fastest in white (slowest) group & will be moving up a group next track day.

    just don't go all out on your first one or you WILL crash...it takes time to learn the particular track. Keep doing them & you will eventually crash no doubt.

    i dont know about QR but at Eastern Creek you atleast need Red P's (seen people on L's get turned away) i.e. read all the rules & be prepared when you go

    Good Luck! its way better than any mountain ride thats for sure!
  17. each to their own.

    if he wants to do anything, let him. if he gets caught are you going to bail him out? no, and your premium wont rise if he gets caught.

    you arent hes parent.
  18. also, that's not me advocating insurance fraud.. that would be silly on a public forum.
  19. Guys he is talking about the new 15hp cbr250r not the old 40hp cbr250r/rr