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Track Day May 28th Philip Island

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deyago, May 3, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    The Honda Rider's Club of Oz is holding a track day at the Ilse on the 28th of May.......gee, feel like I mentioned that somewhere before.. :wink: .

    It is open to members and non-members alike at a cost of $140 and $160 respectively. There is also a pillion-only and spectator option for $25 each. Lunch is included as is tea, coffee and water all day.

    Besides riding your own bike the Honda test fleet will also be on hand to try the latest and greatest from the Mighty H range.

    Bookings close by May 13.

    If anyone is interested in coming down I am thinking of booking a cabin at one of the caravan parks in Cowes on the Friday night so we can arrive at the track fresh and ready on the Saturday morning.

    Here's the entry form with additional details:
    http://www.hrca.com.au/resources/invite pi 28.05.05.pdf

  2. thanks mate,i was wondering when the next track day was.
  3. well I am a suzuki... but I'd LOVE to come down and grab my old man along as well. can two people use the same bike for a few laps each ?

    *EDIT: Actually... scratch that entire idea! :( NOT happy jan!

    I have been told that not only does my bike have to be setup for normal road riding so TAC will cover me but my pipes have to be under 75DB!! like WTF!!
    I am sooo pissed off right now, even stock my bike @ 4,800rpm is 93db! with my pipes about 96 @ 4,500rpm. How the hell can I take it to PI! :(

  4. Just finished talking to the HRCA office. Apparently what happens is that some stooge from the council stands on the overpass and measure bikes as they ride under. This does not happen at every event and *apparently* it is very rare for a bike to be sent off. The dcb limit isn't from the pipe, it's measured from a distance. Hope this helps.

    FWIW, I've done a track day with Aus SBK school and this is the first time I heard of a noise limit. I would assume that it is mentioned to keep the racers from doing test days amongst us joy riders.
  5. But it's a RACETRACK!!! Don't noise and racetracks kinda go hand in hand?? Sounds a bit weird.....
  6. From reading that ad it looks each HRC member can take one non-member with them.

    So for every non-member who wanted to go, we'd need a HRC member.
  7. i'm interested, but not a member of the HRCA, is it still possible to go or do i need to find a HRCA member to invite me?
    they don't make this very clear in that form
  8. At car events at PI it is measured at 30m from the track edge and depending on the event permit the noise level varies from 96dBm down to around 75 dBm, I presume bike events would be similar.

    The noise measuring location is at a small shed on the left just past the overpass known as, funnily enough, the "Noise Shed" :p :LOL:

    Noise limits are unfortunately a fact of life these days as to keep the locals happy we in motorsport have to be seen to be doing something to keep the neighbours happy as for some strange reason not everyone living next door to a racetrack like motorsport :roll:

    Calder Park has had the locals complaining since Taylor's Lakes & Sydenham have boomed (mid 70's) but Calder was built in 1961 so they cant really say it suddenly popped up out of thin air (I live 5km south of Calder & can hear cars running around if a northerly is blowing).

    PI's problem is it closed down completely for a few years and the permit conditions were a part of the rebuilding process when the 500's arrived way back in 198?.
  9. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. Good point to bring up, I didn't even consider it.

  10. Too cool! Marty - wanna do some hot laps in the sidecar? Given that it is being towed by a geuwine Honda, there must be a category for us (sub 500cc Barrage Balloons?)

    Regarding the noise limit - Broadford has a sign at the entry to the starting grid alerting riders to the maximum dB rating - I can't remember the figure but there's no point in arguing that you didn't know about it. I imagine PI is similar
  11. Alright, here's the deal with "buddies"

    The club tells me that since there are only 30 bookings so far they don't mind accepting more than one buddy per member. When booking you need to state who your member buddy is on the form when you book.

    I said I might have 4 or 5 interested and they didn't seem fazed, but they did mention that members have a priority ove non-members for bookings. They will take up to 100 riders so we should be fine.

    So, who's my little buddy? :LOL:

    Be sure to include the Word of the Day, "buddy", in your posts. :p
  12. i'm definately keen, whats the format for the day? is there a fast, medium and slow group like with the Australian Superbike School, or do they just chuck any random 25-30 people out onto the track at any one time?

    whats the go with pillions? I've heard of these before but in all the trackdays i've done i've never seen a session with pillions...

    why can't you take mirrors and indicators off your bike, thats stupid really.
  13. don't go no leather suit so can't go.....not too keen on spending unnesecary cash atm either. :cry:
  14. There is a phone number on the bottom of the application form, give them a call and they should be able to answer all your questions. Having never done a ride with this group i don't know how it operates.

    Only 8 days left to book peeps!

  15. I don't want to participate, don't have the guts nor the experience. Can you watch from pit lane or from the track and take a camera? Does it cost anything to do that?
  16. Take a look at the form, spectators must also book. It's $25 a head for pillions of spectators and this includes lunch. :)

    C'mon you track-day tragics, special price for you! love you long time! :D
  17. Wish I could, but there's no way I can afford full leathers + new boots + new helmet by then :(
  18. I think you can go through the track's visitor's centre for track access?

    Give them a call.

    I can;t go this time around, but have a good ride everyone.

    It's a great track & the Honda Rider's club ride days are the best introduction to tracks rides there is. All types rock up, lots of street bikes, CB250s,
    Harleys, no fussing with taping glass or removing anything, just ride down to the circuit & go.
    Scruteneering is just roadworth stuff, tyres should have some meat on them. Aftermarket pipes are OK (my 748 positively booms & it's OK), I think the Chairman's SR500 is a good reference point, louder than that you might have a problem.

    Crashing sucks, but I reckon there's less chance of a major out there, lots of run off so don't panic is the best advise.

    I think that HRCA ridedays should have more of the less 'serious' track day rider because Superbike school & Circuit Breakers cater well for the other end of the spectrum.
  19. lol years ago I went to this event as a pilion on a CBR1000XX Blackbird... so much fun...

    As for now... I wish I had a budy who would not only alow me to come along but pay as well I'm broke :(
  20. *bump*

    Only got until the end of the week to book! C'mon boy-racers, where are your balls? ;)

    No more than $140/160 for a full day riding yours and the Big H's machinery around the world's greatest race track, and they even do lunch. 8) =P~

    Be there or be a nappy-wearing nancy-boy. :p :twisted: