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Track Day Insurance

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by 99CIBBER, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I've done a search but didn't get any solid hits to answer my specific Q's about track day insurance, so I thought I'd throw it out to the NR Track Enthusiasts....

    Here are my Q's

    What does everyone do fo Insurance when fanging it around the track?
    Does your current policy cover you for track days?
    Can you get 1 off coverage for track days? If so who do you reccomend?
    Do you just worry about it later? :)

    In the event of a crash involving a third party (another rider at fault) how are things "dealt" with if the rider isn't covered.


  2. Getting insurance for a track day will be none and buckleys, they wont do it, some will only insure u if u are doing an advanced course

    best thing is to buy a track bike and leave road bike at home
  3. simple rule of track days - if you can't afford to fix it, don't ride it at the track!

    the ride day organisers record VIN numbers of bikes, and damage sustained, when involved in a crash, no matter how minor the stack is. this info is passed onto insurance companies if required.

    there are no companies that i am aware of that insure bikes for track days. and even if they did, it would not be cheap! road insurance is expensive enough!
  4. Shannons provide "laid up" Insurance which is the best you can expect for a track bike. Covers everything up until the bike moves under its own power.

    Ive never heard of one rider sueing another after a track incident and hope I never will.
  5. Sweetie I believe that "Laid Up" Insurance will not cover trailering to and from the track.

    Darling best of all, you can insure your own little precious self.
  6. My PDS states that it is as long as you are transporting it to somewhere that is an organised event. That would be the debatable part if that event did not meet their criteria.
  7. Admittedly not written in stone but the rep assures me it is.Covered "until you start the motor" was what I was told.Also covered while at mechanics etc. Probably worth me reviewing the wording though
  8. I think when you take you're bike onto the track, you should expect the possibility of crashing, may it be from your own fault or that of another rider. Either way I doubt sueing the other rider will get you anywhere, even if you're at fault.

    Safest bet, buy a track bike and trailer it there and back.
  9. Shannon's do cover for certain types of official race meets. HOWEVER, I was assured by a Shannons rep over the telephone that this is only available to vehicles over 40 (60?) years old. So no track bikes.
  10. A friend of mine did level one of the Superbike school. He told me his insurer, Western QBE, covered his bike but they only do it for level one since that concentrates on cornering.

    It's not a ride day, sorry, but I'll definitely be checking this option out since I'm not keen on hiring a bike with an excess of $3000-4000.

    Once again, it's not as much of a 'free for all' as a track day so it may be boring for the advanced riders.
  11. Western QBE should re-think that.... since the whole CSS program is about cornering, "Discover the art of cornering!" is their motto!

    Maybe level 4 would be a stretch, as it is a one-on-one coaching day, but levels 1 thru 3 are all about cornering (throttle control, vision, body positioning).
  12. I was pretty surprised they did level 1, to be honest.
  13. I know of one person who took his leased Monaro out on a Track Day and fenced it.

    He's $38,000 out of pocket as a result after they deducted what they got for the wreck at auction to buy out the lease. And he has no car.