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Track day in sunny Cartagena

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bologna998, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I ran away from the ghastly German weather in April to fly to sunny Cartagena in Spain. My purpose: four days on track with a BMW S1000RR. It was great fun, I met some very nice people, rode on a surprisingly entertaining track and enjoyed some fantastic weather. :cool:

    Here is a video of me on track. I'm the rider in front in white leathers, my camera is mounted on the bike of former GP rider Simon Crafar who gave me some valuable riding lessons once again:

    No lap time record, but actually quite good for a first-timer, I was told. :) Cartagena is very technical with many corners and little room to relax. But it really is fun once you get into the swing of things.

    Now I'm back in Germany and it's :coldfeet:. Bring back the sunshine!
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  2. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. You're welcome. Nice coffee table by the way!
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  4. Worlds most expensive and I keep on spilling around the corners....:confused:
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  5. But spilling in style I am sure :cool:

    Anyway, here is an onboard video of the same track event with the same bike, just around 5 sec. a lap faster (but still eeeasy ;))

  6. very nice clips Bologna998Bologna998 - the RR seems to build revs really quick coming out of the corners even high in the range.. above 10,00rpm it just screams.
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  7. Thanks! Yes, that engine really is great. I saw a comparison with all the other superbikes on the market today recently and the BMW still seems to have the strongest engine.

    Although in terms of personal taste I prefer Ducati engines. I went for a ride yesterday on my 998 and the way she pulls mid-range, from 5,500 revs on, is just mind-blowing. 14 year old bike, just 124hp, but man does she use that mid-range torque. If you don't know what's coming that can really kick you in the *** :D If you do know, however, she just makes you really, really happy :)
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