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track day fuel

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by dgmeister, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. when you do a track day do they sell fuel at the track or do you need to got to the servo?

  2. DIY I'm afraid. If you have to, riding to the track and filling up at a nearby servo will do initially when you are getting used to the track and thinking big picture stuff, plus filling up at lunch of course. But it's one more thing that's easier with a trailer setup, and metering out 3-4 litres a session instead of having 12kg of unnecesary fuel sloshing around.
  3. Thanks 4 the tip Richi, I was doing the 12kg 1st few sessions then full fill up *smacks head*
    Fuel is available at some tracks, PI have fuel @ $20 for 10L
  4. sadly you don't have much choice if you ride your bike to the track. If you can trailer it definitely get yourself a 20l jerry and fill it up before you go. it'll save you money as the tracks that do have fuel available tend to charge a premium for the privilege!
  5. Sorry for the bad info, I havent been down to PI yet, but locked in for Nov.
  6. Some other riders might have some spare fuel lying around, ask around if you can take some and just cash it up.

    I usually go with a 20L jerry can of fuel to the track and have about 5-10L by the end of the day. The rest of the fuel usually goes in the car.

    Are you afraid to strap a jerry can to the bike?
  7. I actually fill my bike so it is chockas when it gets there, and then take a 5ltr jerry can. That gets me through the day.

    I'm not a 60kg racer trying to break the lap record though, I am a 95kg plumber just out to ride as fast as I am comfortable doing, so I am not too worried about an extra 10kg of fuel in the first couple of sessions.

    As long as I have enough fuel to get me through the day I am a happy camper.
  8. Winton track sells fuel, track servo is open on the hour.

    Broadford nearest servo is in town, 2 k away.
  9. i am in hobart

    if i join 2 clubs i can do 2 track days a month
    (symmons plains & baskerville)
    from mid september, so i'm looking forward to that.

    one of them is a fair way from home.

    R6 road bike has the same range as my KLX 250 with 7 litre tank lol
  10. Just fill the tank, if you think you're faster because you only have 6 liters on board you're kidding yourself... sorry but you're not Casey Stoner. Just fill up and take a spare 20 litres.
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  11. The two times I've been at a track I've ridden and arrived with a full tank.
    Reserve light came on during the second last session, gave the guy next to me $5 for 2L to get me till the end of the day. "Wow! that's an impressive Jerry can, I wish I could bring fuel with me." - "If you're running low give me a yell" - "Well, since you've mentioned it..."
    No need to rush off during lunch.
  12. WP sells fuel at the track - $3/litre.

    Interestingly, my STOCK as a RHOK (pun intended) GSXR600 will see about 120-140kms to a full tank. ON road this would be far closer to 200-250kms-ish with sedate riding.

    You'll use heaps more fuel at the track, esp somewhere like PI with very high average speed laps....

    I'd say full tank + 10litres in a Gerry would see a full day for most peeps....buying fuel at the track IF it can be sourced is hella expensive..:)