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Track Day Front Flip Keen?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ayo Kano, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. #1 Ayo Kano, Oct 4, 2011
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    Couldnt seem to get the video embeded into the post so ill just share the link! hope you guys enjoy must first edition out side of the Welcome Newbies area

  2. firstly, repost :) and
  3. very nice! i put the youtube in [ ] and the end one[/] youtube and the link inbetween.. no go, whats the secret my friend
  4. i typed (with no spaces) [ youtube ] youtube ident code, not the whole address, in this case _D_AFKJ5Gag [ /youtube ]
  5. you from newy as well? i grew up there, and my bro lives there, rides a gt250r. i miss the place
  6. How to embed youtube video 101.

    Click "advanced"

    Go to the 2nd last tool icon directly above the text window. (The one with the broken picture link. [​IMG]) On mouse_over it says "Wrap YouTube tags." Click it.

    You should see something like this, but without the spaces.

    [ Y O U T U B E ] [ / Y O U T U B E ]

    Open another window to YouTube, find the vid you want, look under it for a button that says "share."
    (There's a "like" thumb_down, "Add To" and "Share". Click Share and copy the code inside.
    Something like this -


    Paste that into the middle of the youtube tags. Nearly done. One last step.

    remove / cut / delete everything to the left of the last slash. In the example above, the red goes, and the blue stays.


    So you'll end up with

    [ Y O U T U B E ]_D_AFKJ5Gag[ / Y O U T U B E ]

    with no spaces.

    Hit "Save."

    If the fairies and imps are properly fed and paid, it should then work.
  7. awesome thanks for the info lads!

    heres a test ;)

    hahah look at me go
  8. Front brake lock up?
  9. Stoner almost had a moment like this on the weekend :p