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Track day comprehensive insurance....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdm, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. OK I have my bike insured with Shannons...I'd like to do some track days....BUT Shannons have stopped covering track days (and even some rider/driver training it seems)..

    So what do you guys do about protecting your baby if you have an off at a track day?

  2. buy a race fairing.....
  3. You get enough witnesses to say you dropped it elsewhere
    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    No i would never have used this one myself , bloody diesel on the road me an Mr X hit the same spot and lowsided. with 15 "other" witnesses to the 'accident' that where on the same group ride, what was mr NRMA going to say ?

    :twisted: :p
  4. Er yeah, well I'd buy a whole track bike before I bought just a fairing.....

    And I am terrible at lying......

  5. it fell off the trailer on the way to me mates place.....
    (just make sure YOU don't have a broken arm :p )
  6. Cor...bloody lot of crooks you lot! Never thought I was such a square!!!!...


  7. Then buy a track bike!
  8. Hmm the old "my bike fell of the trailer trick"
    3rd time i've fallen for it this week

    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. So no one knows do they!!!!!! You mean you guys risk it every time?????

  10. yup
    2 or 3 times a year
    at the 'Island Broadford Winton
    at 'lock you and throw away the key' speeds
    around Southern loop or Hooonda
    we risk it........ :wink:

    what was zat Ossifer?...the bits of my bike are on the Bass Hwy...? :LOL:

    and that is because no-one covers it
    and yes
    you have to be very careful whether you have cover
    for a HART (or similar) course) ..most insurers don't cover you :(
  11. i thinks that is why HART make you us there bikes, the yellow things

  12. I'll cover you at a track day.

    Premium is $3000.
    Don't bin it and I'll give you $1000 back, fair?

    Thank you, come again :)
  13. It is amazing how many bikes crash at San Remo isnt it?????

    I believe organised track days are required to submit rego numbers of registered bikes to the insurance companies to try and stop the "binned it at San Remo" type of thing. If this is true there may be a problem with insurance for the whole day. I am not 100% sure thou. Anyone shed more light on that???

    I do know that many insurance companies will use wording in the policy such as "no timed competition" for example which I am told is part of the reason why some track day organisers will not allow you to do timed laps as then it becomes a competition and a different set of insurance requirements for you as well as them.

    Insurance in my opinion is full of rules that often seem to be more in the favour of the company than us poor buggers. Full of loop holes for when THEY want them, and stiff sh1t for us. But at the same time the reason we pay premiums at teh amount we do is for a reason. Not sure it is well justify sometimes, but it is there.

  14. I've read a few of the policy documents in my research and the most common wording is focussed on "track" or "private road" (this one is alarming!).....

    I think I'll stay with Shannons as they are developing an "approved" rider/driver training list - pure track days won't be on that list....but as we all know most rider training includes some "free time"....

    But longer term I think I'll buy or build a trackbike (well I'll have to buy 2....else I'll be int rouble) and bugger insurance and rego and so on....I still can't believe you guys risk it - but I guess everyone has a different threshold for risk and loss!

  15. yeah, if there's timed laps it becomes a 'race day' hence it fits into another catagory and you not covered by the tac if you crash.

    i was also told something about the track not being covered by cams or whoever the bike body is or some crap like that as well...
  16. AFAIK, no general bike insurance covers rider skills or track practice sessions. So it's self insure!

    I'm still paying for the highside out of siberia in march. See my other thread on the costs of that little incident. Don't underestimate the cost of a prang!! The costs of my highside are still building - including a new helmet and leather repairs...

    If you're really banged up then there's no /"shonky witnessed prang" back up plan, since you'll have a record of having been patched up at one of the local emergency rooms.

    There's a lot you can do to prep the bike to minimise damage ifrom a stack instead of race fairings. Go to a place like


    and get the rg-racing crash knobs, exhaust, fork and handle bar protectors. They'll minimise the damage significantly unless you seriously lose it and the bike flips A over T.