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Track Day Bike restrictions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jslim1008, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Hi, sorry if this is a repost.
    So I wanted to know if you can ride a non LAMS bike on a track with a Provisional License.
    Obviously it will be towed on the way to the track.
    Not considering skills level or crashing it, is it legal?

  2. I asked this years ago and was told no. If you've ever been to a track day and seen how busy everyone is I reakon u could get away with it. I havnt seen anyone checking that riders are riding the bike that they wrote down on the form. If u write down the u are riding a lams bike and then jumped on your bike u would probably be ok.
    I think if u had a racing license u are allowed though
  3. Correct,

    A senior licence is for anyone over 16yrs

    Motorcycling Australia: National Licenses

    a 'senior race licence' allows you to ride/race any eligible ( classes cater for all capacities and types in road racing ) bike.

    Or you could get an MA 'recreation (rec) licence' if all you wanted to do was track days.

    Should you wish to pursue this avenue, all licencing is done by your local club and the state bodies, not MA.

    You need to join a club and then your licence application is processed thru the club and state body.

    In NSW your starting point would be MNSW MNSW Home
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  4. They don't check licenses at Phillip Island in my experience. May be different in your neck of the woods though. And then its a different guy scrutineering so he wouldn't know you're restrictions anyway. So yeah it may not be allowed by the rules, but I can't see it being an issue in practice.
  5. It may be different between venues but this from PIRD:
    To participate in Phillip Island Ride Days you will need to hold a minimum Provisional Motorcycle Licence issued by the road transport authority in your state/country. Your licence must be current and valid for your type of motorcycle. (Please note: Recreational Permits or Learner’s Permits are not accepted at Phillip Island Circuit. Some Competition Licences may be accepted; please contact our office for more information.)

    As stated above, whether anybody checks is another matter.
  6. It's not really policed, the only time you can possibly get caught out is at time of registration when they take your licence details. If you tell a white lie on the part of the form where you list your bike details you'll be fine.
  7. haha, like 'oops, I accidentally wrote down my other bike' - worth a shot if you are confident in your ability I guess
  8. If you crash it into someone which you probably will. Expect to get an ass whooping behind the pits.
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  9. When filling out the form just write Suzuki or Kawasaki or Honda. Don't go into too much detail with model and year.
    The guys who scrutineer don't look at your licence and they are the only ones who would look over your bike closely.
    Put it this way, if you did CSS or a track day with them and decided to hire their BMW I am sure they will let your ride it even if you are restricted, correct me if I am wrong for anyone who has been knocked back from hiring.
  10. I don't know about CSS when it comes to hiring their 1000RR's, with excess etc I'm sure they would be looking at your licence. they do an ID check when you sign in so I guess their insurer would require some sort of acknowledgement from them to say that the hirer's licence was acceptable.
  11. from the CSS website:
    upload_2016-8-2_12-16-12. upload_2016-8-2_12-15-18. upload_2016-8-2_12-16-12.
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  12. Thanks I will look into Senior Racing License!