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Track day bible, tech tips and other stuff!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by robsalvv, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Came across the South African SBK website. It is a ripper!


    Talk about a useful site. Even includes a very populated bike manuals section.

    The tech tips page is one of the best I've come across, especially the suspension set up page.

    For all those wannabe knee draggers, get a gander at their track day bible page. It's about the best explanation on the topic I've read to date.

    And an OMFG!!! story here for all the squidders amongst us. OUCH!!!!!!!!

    I really gotta be getting to bed!... zzzzzzzzzz


  2. Thanks rob I'll head over and check it out...
  3. I just loked straight at the gory stuff....the story about squidding....EEWWW....I have seen that story before...did you know he has wrecked a perfectly good TLR...! Shame, shame, shame...
  4. I'm amazed that guy wasn't more beat up than he actually was. He must have bounced along the road.

    Even an unzipped jacket would have provided a bunch of protection... notice there's no damage to his front torso...

    Poor bugger. He looks very sorry for himself in the early pics!... must be thinking about his TLR eh?

    ...**shudder** scraping off dead skin **shudder**
  5. You know, I really am stupid..

    Ever since a bad accident when I was way much younger, looking at blood and guts makes me feel bad. And yet I still scrolled down the page. And now I feel sick (I am not making it up!). Yuk!
  6. [head slap="Cejay"] [/head slap]

    LOL. It's like the sun... can't... look... away.... :)

    That was an excellent add for gear. Poor bugger.