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Track day attire - what's required?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VladTepes, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. I already have some textile riding gear for the road, but will – eventually – get some leathers as well.

    I was thinking that down the track (ha ha) I might also want to do a track day, and I gather that there are certain minimum requirements for safety attire.

    Is it possible to get road gear that will be acceptable for track rising as well?

    What are the requirements? Do you have to have a one-piece or is a zip together jacket/pants acceptable?

    Also what about requirement for boots, gloves ?
  2. 2 piece zip together leathers are fine. no textile gear. long gloves are the go for track and full length boots that go over the leathers.

    a back protector or something is a good investment also.
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  3. pants are optional.

    they don't want gaps in between your leathers (ie, 2 piece that zips up, and gloves/boots that go over the top of your leathers.
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  4. yup yup yup. And depends on what sort of track day you do. Open slather or an instructed one.
    Champions is one of the more popular ones up here that run out of QR and lakeside. Just Google em and go to their link and they have what's required on what day with them.
    If it's your first day I would recommend a tutored day.
    You get to learn the good lines and where to push it a bit with them. And then they usually let you play by yourself for the last few hours.
    You can rent suits at the tracks. But I would be wearing a full length skin under it if I was doing it. Yuck someone Else's yucky sweaty smelly leather shoite...
    Is there good stuff for the road that you can wear on the track... for mine no. It's too hot, restrictive and just ugly wearing my track gear on the road.
    That's why god made dri rider lol
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  5. Here's a question for "the grey area"... My leather jacket has textile down the sides of the body (ie: between the leather front and leather back). Would this jacket get knocked back at scrutineering?
  6. Good point, my leather race suit has textile panels in it, how much is too much? Maybe any point that can be dragged on the ground must be leather?
  7. Thanks for the info. I've attached a couple of photos of the type of jacket I have (front and rear photos) to help to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

    The black areas down the sides of the body are both a textile called Cordura. Do you think this would pass scrutineering, or should I shut up and hope the scrutineers don't notice? Oops, I meant so say "should I buy a track-specific jacket?" ;)

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  8. My leathers have textile in them too.. Pretty sure it's fairly standard.

    As long as it has a zip that goes all the way around, and it's zipped to the pants, and it's made out of leather primarily, you're good. Boots need to go over the pants, and gloves over the jacket sleeves... full length.

    At course control at EC they give you the once over on gloves, 2-piece zips, and helmet strap... tick tick tick and you're off.
  9. A lot of jackets have flex panels,the high end gear use a kevlar licra weave material.
  10. Everything else I've seen has leather covering my love-handles though, so I'm getting a bit worried about whether scrutineers would turn me away or not... Oh well... If in doubt, I guess I could always find a second-hand jacket on Ebay...
  11. Worst case you can hire one... but I still reckon you're good, technically speaking.

    Main thing is though, are you comfortable if you come off at 200kph? Do you have good CE rated body armour in that thing? Back protector? etc... At the end of the day it's not the scrutineers that matter, you sign a waiver that absolves them of all responsibility anyway... It's your neck on the line out there. 2 dollar helmet for a 2 dollar head as they say.
  12. For those wondering about textile in their suits/gear I have a teknic chicane 1-piece that i would say has A LOT of textile material throughout and i've been to a lot of champions days and one by the motorcycle sportsmen at warwick, and i was never even given a second look. A lot of the suits champions hires out are in fact teknic chicane suits from what i gather. They sell em for 800+ but i bought mine for $290 closeout from the US a couple of years ago. Its a great entry suit, but, if you are going to buy one, my 38 fits like a 36 so make sure you get the right size.
  13. I wondered why my 44 fits the same as the 42's I've tried on lately...

    If I'm correct, the chicane 1pc has leather down the love handles, doesn't it? I think I'll take that as a cue to get another jacket for track days, and use my current jacket on the street only...