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NSW Track day at Eastern Creek

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Senator17, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Has anyone with a Kawasaki Z1000 done a track day at Eastern Creek? I met someone on the weekend that said his Z1000 was bouncing off the rev limiter at 177 kph in top gear half way donw the front straight. But from the info I have, the Z1000 has a top speed of about 250 kph. Any comments would be appreciated.

  2. at 177 as standard?? I find that hard to believe for a z1000. Did he mention messing with the gearing?
  3. Maybe it was bouncing off the red limiter with the blue stage 3 power band installed?

    Just go to http://www.gearingcommander.com 250 real speed appears ~ok according to that site which I've found to be reasonably accurate
  4. @Senetor17@Senetor17 It was 206km/h unless i was hallucinating or left it in 5th, which i doubt. Met a guy with the same year ninja1000 and he said he hit 240. Our zeds have much shorter gearing than the ninjas.
    Only one way to find out i suppose ;)
  5. No it won't top out unless you've put stunt gearing on it
  6. Hi Ilch, the difference in the gearing between the Ninja 1000 and the Z1000 is One extra tooth on the rear sprocket of the Z1000 (42 on the z, 41 on the Ninja). Otherwise the engine and gearbox are identical. Anyway I thought you said 177, at 206 my guess would be you were in 5th.
  7. Maybe he hit the limiter in 4th?, z1000 would go way higher than 177km/h
  8. lol my gsxr1000 hits the limiter in 1st at that!
  9. I'm booked in for 14th Sept, lets get them out there and test them again. Sooooo looking forward to it.
  10. Wait was it this one?
  11. No, but what a beautiful machine. I didn't know those things had a rev limiter. I thought you could rev them till you got valve bounce then change gears.
  12. maybe he had his eyes closed
  13. Just did the Advanced rider training 2 course at the creek and was hanging to find out if I stuffed up the last time I was there and revved the bike out in 5th down the straight..............and as it turns out I did......opps.
    This time I hit 220kph with some to spare, bit of a scary experience on the naked, wind damn near ripped me of the bike and my helmet was flapping about all over the place. Time for a new one me thinks as the padding seems as though its gone and now fits too loose.
  14. My first Track day is coming in a few weeks, I'm very interested and excited to see how it goes.
  15. take it easy & ease your self into it! Totally different to even your Sunday ride, best fun you can have with your clothes on & can be exhausting, kind of like go karts but much higher speeds. Less lateral G's but you feel it under heavy breaking, can't wait for my next one!
  16. Anyone booked in for 14th Sept at Eastern Creek?
  17. Yes, booked it yesterday. Let me know if you need company or hand out there.
  18. Anyone booked for this Saturday the 30th?
  19. I've got my brother and a few friends coming out to help on the day, but would always enjoy the company. It also happens to be my birthday, so my wife is packing a picnic lunch for is and she'll be there too. Love to have you join us. It's going to be a great day, hope we get good weather.
  20. Are they still allowing spectators free entry?