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NSW Track day at Eastern Creek today

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Strat, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Hi all
    I went down to eastern creek race track today to watch some great riders! It was so exciting watching these guys and girls reaching huge speeds around the track ! Just so inspiring, cant wait till Im good enough to do that too!

  2. Only way to get good at it is to start mate!

    And don't be afraid - there will always be someone slower than you on the track - nobody also cares if you are slow or not, as long as you don't shout to loud with enjoyment and surprise someone so they fall!

    You're near Rouse Hill aren't you? Seem to recall you're near me from your first posts. We should go for a ride one day mate.
  3. Hey GeorgeO , yea im in Baulko... would love to go for a ride sometime! Wats on your cards for this weekend? Weather pending of course.
  4. How does an early Sunday ride Wisemans Ferry, Central Mangrove, Old Pac home sound?
  5. sounds good.. how about early sat morning?
  6. Sorry, can't do Sat mate.
  7. ok , yep Im keen as! But if its a little wet can we postpone because ive never ridden this bike in the wet and im not confidant to do that. What time u have in mind?
  8. ok , yep Im keen as! But if its a little wet can we postpone because ive never ridden this bike in the wet and im not confidant to do that. What time u have in mind?
  9. 7:30 too early for you? I don't want to be back too late.

    Thinking we could meet at the parking lot on the corner of Old Windsor and Samantha Riley Ave (Tway parking area). If its raining we can postpone.
  10. Only one way to learn how to ride in the rain!
  11. that is early..lol! How bout 8.30?
  12. OK. 8:30am it is then.
  13. Yea I know, shall do it when im a bit more confident.
  14. cool! Cheers man! See u there. BTW have u been on the track at E.C ?
  15. Yes. Two days already with Toprider on the south circuit. Booked on the full circuit for the 7th and 21st Dec
  16. I found the best way was on the weekend from home, if it started to rain I would go for a ride around home on roads I knew so did not have to also worry about where I was.

    Gradually built it up from there. Mind you living in Melb you have to know how to ride in the rain :)

    If you have not already got some get a cheap set of rain gear to put over the top of your existing gear, if you get wet it is surprising how cold the wind can make you very quickly.

    Best of luck.

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. Cheers man! Thanks for the advice!
  18. Cool!, A couple of guys at the track today were saying I should do a course with California something, they reckon there pretty good. U heard of this school?
  19. I also chased my wife out into a cold and wet Sydney storm to make sure she gets some experience.

    You never know when you go out for a ride one day and you get caught in a sudden rainstorm. Best to build up experience as soon as you can
  20. California Superbike School (CSS) is quite well known. Google it for some more info.

    If you read Twist of the Wrist by Keith Code (there is a part one and two) or youtube the two videos - the teaching is based on that. Solid teaching methodology.

    I chose Toprider (doing some Advanced and coaching and setup days) cause the fees are lower and my bike is insured through Insure My Ride on their courses. I personally feel that to get full value from any course you need to have overcome your 'basic' fears first (like riding in the rain). Your first track day is pretty overwhelming and I could not imagine doing CSS without having done a track day to get over most of the first day jitters.