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Track day - anyone else in?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by c0rrupt, Jul 28, 2009.

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  2. Won't be at Broadford on those days, but I will be at Phillip Island on Mon 21st Sept.

    I booked it ages ago and made a thread on it to see if anyone else will be there.

    Since I booked it I've bought the 675, so I'll be riding that on the day...fairly cautiously.

    Anyone else booked in? Anyone else keen to book?
  3. Broadford: Me and some mates if the weather is good.
    PI: too early to tell
  4. My friends usually do a group buy and they pay $110 if they can get at least $10

    Champion ridedays also do a card where every 6th (or 7th ride day) is a free one.
  5. <pulls card from wallet>

    Do eight, and the ninth is free.
  6. Thanks for correcting. I dont know where mine is. I've not had a trackday for 2 years
  7. Cool - what time are those of you taking part planning to get there and what divison will you take part in? This is my first time so not really sure what to expect
  8. I'm riding on Sat Aug 8th @ Broadford, I'll ride out from Melb, circulate, then ride home, a couple of friends coming with me; Jess GSXR750 and Matt GSXR600.
  9. Johnny - will see you up there then.

    Think were leaving melb at 7am ish and trailering up.
  10. We are leaving Reservoir at 6.45am. Takes an hour to get there, need to be there around 7.45
  11. I'm in for Sunday, weather is now predicted cold but dry.
    I'm riding up and g/f is taking the car. If anyone wants to ride
    up together and needs a little gear transported up there, let
    me know today.
    I'll be leaving northern suburbs (near ring rd/hume fwy)
    around 6.30-6.45am.
  12. c0rrupt, was that you that said hi to me next to the control tower?

    i was positive this username was associated with another dude on an RVF400 haha.

    now i can put a face to a name properly :)

    awesome day, good to see everyone there, and absolutely perfect weather, short of the -3c temp ride up :shock: :shock:
  13. came up to have a look \ how long have they had helicopter rides.
    someone must have awesome photos as it came into land above the bikes on track
  14. that was part of the fundraiser going on i believe, for the Bushfire victims. also had the Lions Club trailer in selling food n drinks, and some other stuff going on...
  15. thanks nibor \ great day awesome lions club hotdogs
  16. Yeah mate, that was me :)

    Great day, and had a blast for my first time on a track - loved every minute of it. The bike was a total star just great fun to be on. It even took a few people in the corners when we moved into the blue group but was getting nailed on the straits.

    Johnny - was going come say hi but the only time I saw you was going past me at 300 mph on the straight!! Didn't know where you were pitted
  17. Sorry dude, if I'd known you were there I would have come say hello. We were pitted on the top row to be in the sun for warmth after riding up in -3 degrees LOL

    I didn't pass too many people on the day, spent most of it tutoring some friends in a mid-speed group, did bust-off some quicker times towards the end of the day just to keep my mind tuned-in.
  18. Do you know what times you were doing, John?
  19. No probs - we were in the main pit lane that was gated. I know you passed me on the back straight as the big "Johhny O" on the leathers was a give away! :LOL:

    MVrog: I was with 2 mates one on 08 gsxr 750 and another on a zx10and they were averaging 1:10's
  20. I don't go for any race times on a ride-day, plus was helping friends. Later in the day I passed some riders that said they were doing 4's & 5s. I might have done some 2's & 3's?