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Track Bike YZF R6??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FormerUser3, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. I am seriously thinking of getting a track bike for me and my 17yo son to ride. My son is keen to join Hartwell and do a bit of racing next year, he is really quick on a pocket bike and has been riding CRF250X dirt bikes so a track bike will be a good step for him.

    Looking at a 1999 YZF R6 with only 11,000k's, hasn't been used for 3 years, however it has been started, comes with heaps of extra's + tyre warmers, Sharp Race Stands, spare wheels etc.

    The person is asking $6,000 ONO, is this a reasonable price?
    I was thinking about offering $5k as it's a straight track bike.

    We sent an email to see when the last rebuild of the bike was and got this reply:

    I'm not sure when the last rebuild was, it was
    apparently re-ringed sometime just prior to me buying it & I did just
    2000kms on it before I gave racing away. It hasn't been ridden at all in 3.5
    years. It has a flat battery (which I will replace for the purchaser) but I
    have started it up off the car & it starts & runs just fine with no engine
    noise - in fact it still sounds awesome & made me want to take it to the
    track one more time before I sell it. It is essentially unmarked - exactly
    as per the pics with no dents / scratches to speak of. It isn't modified as
    such (all original) as were the rules in the class I rode but it does have
    upgraded suspension, gearing, pegs, bars brakes etc.

    Any suggestions or thoughts are most welcome.
  2. Come on...someone must have some advice for me.
    The way it's going it might be a wing it and hope it all turns out OK.
  3. Please someone give advice to my dad! :cool:
  4. I know the bike you are talking about. If it is from melbourne and it is red (ignoring the second set of "practice" plastics) and its race number is 44 (or 45), comes with a second set of wheels with discs and fresh wets fitted to them, spare rearsets/footpegs etc, it is the bike i am thinking of.
    When i saw this R6 for sale i was seriously thinking about buying it because it is a damn good deal. But then reality struck me. I live 500km away from the nearest track and i would never get the time to make the trips there. Another reason i decided against buying it is because i would now rather put the money into my 675. I also want to do the superbike school at eastern creek, so the $$ will come in handy there too.
    In my opinion if you have access to a track and you like this R6, go for it. I wish I could.
  5. You are right on the money, it's the one we are considering, but it's bloody hard to justify spending that sort of money just for a track bike.
  6. Considering your son went to the trouble of making an account etc on Netrider, I say you owe it to him :LOL:
  7. You are right, but I am not sure that I owe it to him :)
    So we are going to check the bike out tomorrow and then take it from there, the bikes comes with heaps of extra's which makes it so attractive, you even get tyre warmers with this bike + 2 sharp race stands, the list of extra's goes on...
  8. If you have the money and can afford the running costs / stack costs then go for it. Life is too short not to have fun and lets face it an R6 track bike would be fun.
  9. Hopefully not too many of the stacks, but the cost of the racing side is not a problem, also my business can sponsor the bike which is kinda like a bonus.
  10. i say go for it mate, its no different to having a weekend use only dirt bike in your garage. if you really want to put in some track time then its far better to have a track only bike in case you crash it, would be a bummer to crash your street bike and have it off the road for awhile.
  11. We are now the proud owners of a track bike, :cool: the bike was too good to pass up, also got it for a steal. This bike was the quickest 600 class back in 2002, wouldn't be now, but still a lot of fun.

    We go more extra's than you can imagine with this bike, even a AGV helmet, must be 4 sets of tyres including a brand new set of Bridgestone wets, spare fairing, race stands, tyre warmers, sprockets to suit every Australian track, spare front and rear wheels, spare hub and a lot of bits and pieces.

    I think I have found a real bargain with all the stuff that came with it, also the bike is spotless for it's age and it's been race prepared with gear changing the opposite way etc. :grin:

    Just took it for a spin around the block, it goes hard, not as quick as the blackbird, but nice for a lighter bike.


  12. congrats on the purchase. i recently sold a 4x4 comp vehicle to a dad that wanted his 17yo son to get into the sport. dads like you guys are the best!
  13. Congrats Steve and son.
    Looks awesome.

    there's a track day at Mallala on Dec 16, 17.........you coming?

    Free lodging.
  14. Send me some details if you can, it's short notice but you never know what can happen.
  15. This bike has gone to heaven or at least another owner...bloody long story, anyway I have a new ride and it's a brand new R6 black, why do I go to bike shops.

    Here is my new ride.
  16. Gulp! Would be an interesting story me thinks.
    Race prep'ing this one?
  17. Race prep will happen when my son decides this is what he wants to do, we look like doing a few MA Practice days next year then maybe enter him in the 600 Novice series.
  18. Can I go bike shopping with you? :LOL: :LOL:
  19. very nice bro...welcome to the R6 family :grin:
  20. We've got all day....

    What happened to the track bike? I'm looking at one the same atm.