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Track bike with oggy knobs?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by shady_knife, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. setting my 06 zx-6r for track days, got the glass, now i already have oggy knobs on, so should i leave them on or take them off? as i've heard they can bend the frame in higher speed crashes....

    anyone with a real answer?

  2. It depends on the arrangement and design and the sturdiness of your bike. The R&G frame sliders on my '029R rock and have helped minimise damage several times.

    They mount into the main engine mounting bolts. That's a pretty solid location on this bike.
  3. yeah same mounting loc on mine, the main engine bolts. so you reckon keep them on?
  4. I had a big prang out of turn 12. Once the bike picked a side to slide on, it slid on the RHS on the bar, slider/knob and exhaust can protector. The slider was well bent, but the frame was fine.

    YMMV but I think their worthwhile.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about them damaging the frame I would be more worried about them digging in and flipping the bike causing more damage in an off....Seen it happen a few time's and added to the damage significantly....
  6. so thats a no then.... damnit, thought this might happen, i definitely do not want to increase the chances of my bike flipping.... much rather it just slid than flip.

    so one yes, and one no...
  7. It's a little expensive but why not get some carbon fibre protectors? Put them on your engine covers and frame. They hold up really well in a high speed slide but couldn't possibly bend your frame or make the bike flip.
  8. yeah i would get rid of them you can buy a kit and make your own carbon/kevlar mould for your covers.
    Ive had my tracky flip and it dont got oggys it was the bar diging into the grass after it slid off the track and that was on a lowside.
  9. A bike can flip, with or without crash bobbins, just depends on how and where you crash. Bobbins will save most of your fairings from getting too much damage on a low slide. However, you do risk some damage to frame/engine mounts if it does flip and lands square on the bobbins. There are less things around the race track for crash bobbins to get caught on to cause a flip though...such as kerbs or pot holes, but the ripple strips might cause concern.

    I run without crash bobbins even though I have them (mainly because I am lazy to put them on) and my low sides have only caused cosmetic damage which are an easy fix. The best investment was home made aluminimum engine covers...they have taken all the impact as well as keeping the engine casings intact...albeit looking rather cheap and ratty.
  10. I,m sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure they were first used for endurance racing as an attachment point for pit stands.
    It was then noticed that bikes with knobs suffered less damage in crashes.

  11. Ding Ding! We have a winner!
  12. I've seen them dig in and flip bikes at the track. My track bike has some shitty no cut ones, they are going in the bin soon.

    I noticed on the yamaha factory team in formula oz that they run really short ones that only just protrude through the fairing, so much less chance of digging in, I reckon that's probably the best compromise.
  13. saw a bike go down today, just slid on its side.

    you dont want the knob ones, you want shaped ones as sliders that go over your clutch cover, stator cover etc... they wont dig into the ground and flip over and over and over.
  14. There is certainly an added danger of the bike flipping/catching on the knob, but 9 times out of 10 it will serve its purpose and keep frame, tank, clipons and fairing mostly off the ground.
  15. compromised.. i kept them, but had them shaved down about 25mm... they still stick out... but no way near as much as before.
  16. These kits for making your own engine casing covers, carbon/kevlar whatever, anyone got a link?
  17. In the old days, the bike used to slide on and wear through the engine cases very quickly, and that would destroy the alternator or the ignition. No riding home. Modern bikes (even big ones like mine) are not like that any more. They'll slide on the plastic. As long as the handlebars don't break you can pretty much pick them up and ride them. The cost of the cosmetic damage though, can be a bit extreme.
  18. Thanks tak, that's awesome