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N/A | National Track Bike Transport

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by SIKKO_X2, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. G'Day Guys,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I am currently getting my cbr250rr MC22 ready for roadworthy and plan on doing a few track days with tuition in the near future.

    Knowing myself, I always need a mechanical project going and I am likely to get hooked to track days, so my plan is to start a track bike project at some point.

    I am keen to see what you guys use to transport your bikes to the track.

    I know that a lot of people have dedicated bike vans and trailers (which i'd love to see for some inspiration) but i'm sure that a lot of you have other ways to transport your bikes.

    Here is how I used to transport my pitbike, although I don't think it'll work well for the cibby. It's a tow bar mounted carrier:

  2. image.
    I kart my gsxr750 in a 8x5 box trailer no problems.
  3. looks like my bike carrier will work fine for my bike. The bike weighs <160kg wet, the carrier can handle up to 180kg and my tow ball can take 210kg vertically, plus I read that people have chucked their cbr600rr on them so im very happy about that :D

    Keep the pictures of your setups coming!
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  4. Hire a bloody budget rent a ute every time.
    Has cost me a fortune and could have paid for a trailer and tow bar many times over.
    I just refuse to put a tow bar on my EVO.
  5. SIKKO_X2SIKKO_X2 - what type of tow ball carrier do you have and how much was it?

    Thinking of my future track bike need and space constraints at home I was thinking of either something like you have or
    a folding trailer.



    Seeing that a Streetfighter 848 weighs 200kg-ish close to ruling out a towbar carrier though.
  6. I have the easy trailer as do others that go to Mallala. Fits in my single car garage with the car nicely
  7. Mine is the same as this one:

    theres also this one that can carry more:

    remember to take the weight of the carrier into account as they can weigh a fair bit. Depending on how much weight your towbar can take will be the decider
  8. We use an ezy trailer, which folds to not much bigger than a table tennis table. Probably done a few thousand K's with it without issue. When used with proper front wheel chocks and tie downs, you don't need to tether them down too hard and bikes don't budge. Wheel channels for road bikes are crap.

    Only thing is it gets expensive by the times it's all setup, probably around $1,300.

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  9. cazzocazzo is that 8x5 or 6x4 trailer? Looks like 8x5.

    I am looking at eazy trailer too but really want the smaller one and not sure if the locking wheel choke (plus tyre down at the back) will need to overhang at the front just to fit the bike.
  10. dimadima 8 x 4 from memory.
  11. Bike all loaded:


  12. Better pics:


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  13. You don't appear to have the brake(s) on in any of those photos or some sort of chock to stop it rolling - what prevents it from moving forward and off the rack?
  14. Curious about MouthMouth's question too.

    But gee, it looks fragile! The last thing I want is to fcuk up my bike AND the car.

    Have you already driven it? How does it work so far?
  15. The front wheel is dropped through the frame. If you look closely at the first photo you can see the bottom of the front tyre protruding under the frame. It would take a fair bit of force to make it roll out.
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  16. It does look like there's a fair bit of force going through the tow bar though....can the bike be moved any closer to the car?
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    Correct, the front and rear wheels drop through the frame and stop it from moving. The pictures don’t really show it but the unit is very solid with very little movement.

    The bike weighs ~150kg, the carrier is rated to 180kg and my towball can take 210kg. Given that the carrier sticks out a bit it would put additional leverage on the towbar but I had no issues at all transporting it today.

    I have heard of people transporting their cbr600rr’s using the same carrier without any issue.

    I was hoping to take it for it’s RWC using a Ute but I couldn’t get a hold of one in time so had to make do with the dirt bike carrier.

    As the dirt bike is gone I am thinking of modifying this carrier to be road bike specific for use on track days by adding additional support and moving it closer to the car (need a new bolt hole for that)
  18. Good luck with it, hope it last and nothing stuffs up.

    I'll just stick with my 8x5 trailer.
  19. Maybe you could extend the bar even further so you can wheelie the Commodore off the lights lol
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