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Track Bike Storage for Space Limited Individuals

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by haksu, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Aloha,
    I've always wanted a track bike but because I live in an apartment with a single parking spot I've always been prohibited space wise from doing so.
    I already squeeze my Ninja and my Forester into a single car spot.

    I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how I might store it?
    It doesn't have to be in my apartment building.
    Perhaps a storage lockup center or something to that effect?
  2. I work in a self storage facility in Sydney (can't see where your from, using tapatalk/iPhone). If it is suitable for you pm me.
  3. Haven't you got a mate with a garage that can help you out? Storage facilities can get expensive. Now that i'm living in China, I keep my bike at friends house.
  4. I know this doesn't help you personally Haksu, sorry, but it may help someone in Sydney in the same dilema.
    Someone at work has a Secure Garage for rent at $45 pw.

    Maybe try Calssifieds, then Sub-Let half of the space out....
  5. Thanks to all the above. I'd rather not burden a friend with the responsibility of having to house and potentially protect my investment against the elements and thieves.
    I'm in Melbourne so Sydney is not so relevant to me, thanks all the same :)
  6. self storage is probably the best bet, however, they don't allow you to go there and work on things. approx $180/month
  7. I heard about aussiemanremovals in Sydney why don't you check them out.:angel:
  8. Haksu, i dont mind storing your bike in my garage. I have 2 track bikes in it now, and im in mooroolbark, so if you go to broadford, you go past it, and if you go to PI , c ould trailer it down and meet you if your in a bind. No problems.
    its secure, come check for yrself, no charge at all......im serious if yr in a bind...
  9. wow that's an awesome offer from moyston!
  10. Flip Island was talking about 'at track' storage at one point, dunno if it exists or how much, but if CSS is running it then be prepared to have someone reach down the front of your pants.

    You can plonk it at my place mate, I've got the shed and the tools to work on it. It's not far from sixty degrees if you need to take it there for anything major, chances are you'll be doing a few trackdays with them because of the price they get.
  11. Depends what you mean by go there and work on it.

    Different storage facilities will have different options and different rules.

    I work for a family owned and run business so they are a lot more flexible then what one of the mainstream business's would be.

    If your interested in self storage your best bet would be go and chat to them.
  12. 2 generous offers from 2 netriders. This is netriderism connecting riders at work.
  13. how do you store the car and bike, eg car in first, then the bike at the back or squeesed in side by side?
  14. I like the way you threw in "Investment".. :beer:
  15. i agree wonderful thing to see