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Track Bike Q's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RICHH, May 9, 2006.

  1. hey guys i just lost my licence..so instead of going for a road bike im would like to try get into a bit of track riding. I was thinking of either a aprilia rs125/250 or maybe a cagiva mito...im just looking for a small bike with some real nice handling...just wondering were do u find cheap track bikes...that have been imported or are un reg and not able to ride on the road? anyone with any help would be great...thanks in advance!

  2. The classified section of AMCN has folks selling their track bikes and you'll usually find something in the private sales part of AMT.

    You might get lucky at Bikepoint.com

    Also, check out some of the Aussie racing focussed websites. They tend to have a classifieds section.

    Good luck.
  3. I noticed a well sorted red Triumph TT 600 track bike for sale at Phillip Island Ride Days, last Thursday: $4500.
  4. on that note with a 600cc or bigger do u think they would be to big for me to start on?... i have never ridden a road bike really, have once or twice but just brief rides...i usually ride dirt bikes. Thats is why i was thinking of starting on a smaller bike (eg 125 250) just so its a bit smaller and easier for me to handle and learn on..also the fact i would think a smaller bike would be cheaper? if i had a budget of say 7k do u think i could get into it...im not talking like every weekend or actuall racing just track days here and there...
  5. I guess it depends on whether you've ridden 2 or 4 stroke dirt bikes.
  6. Firstly, can I say...stay away from 2 strokes. You will need to throw $$$$ at them to keep them performing at the track.

    Speak with these guys http://www.rbimports.com.au/ They have a great range of VFR/RFV's. These things will do a full season of RACING with no general maintenance outside of oil changes & tyres. For general track day use there's nothing better!

    Will cost around $4,000 - $5,000 .

    Good luck!
  7. i ride 2 stroke dirt bikes...

    also thanks strapper....
  8. Looks as if you're on the right track with the Aprilias.
    A1 in Ringwood and or Brighton may be able to help you there.
  9. But do you go out on a dirt bike & hold the throttle to the stop all day?

    Trust me when I say, RGV's etc make a great bike around the track, no question...its just by the 3rd or 4th trackday, you'll be looking at attention to the topend &/or carbs!
  10. I reckon go for a 95 onwards CBR600 for about 4 or 5k
  11. thanks guys...all this is helping me...and everyone keep your opinions coming..i got a while to look around im in no rush.. i wanna make a smart choice first time..so i dont end up wasting my time and money mucking around selling things i dont like...thanks guys.... cheaper the better....lol...