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Track bike for newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by whosthatguy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    OK I know the right answers to my questions, so if I’m being honest with myself I’m looking to justify getting what I want…. But I’m willing to listen to common sense..

    I’ve been riding for 18months and I passed my full license test in Oct 2014, so I’m LAMS restrictions for 2 and half years (sigh).

    My current ride is a FZ6R which I’m really enjoying and now I’ve got the bug and a little more knowledge so I want to do my first track day. The FZ6R is a great all-rounder bike and honestly it has no major compromises. I commute 15kms each day to work and get out twice a month to the twisties, so for what I do it’s fine given I’m restricted to LAMS bikes. (don’t ask if it’s de-restricted)….

    I plan on doing a track day on the 6R with it de-restricted which I read is good enough to get my feet wet and see how much I’m goanna love it. It’s my daily ride so I don’t want to crash or thrash it and this leads me to my questions..

    (Money is always a factor but that’s for me to worry about so don’t let it influence your answers)

    Question 1…

    I’m considering buying a track bike, should I start on a racy 250cc before going to a 600cc SS?

    I have an old Kawi GPX250 which is a blast, I love pushing it’s limits and I can see the benefits in learning on 250cc at the track. My Kawi needs a lot of work, so it’s not currently an option. I have my heart set on a R6’s but I also like most SS so I’m very tempted to get a cheap used 600cc Super Sport given they aren’t a lot more than a decent 250cc. I don’t want to buy a 250cc to only outgrow it after a couple track days.

    Life’s short and I feel I’m too old (32) and too sensible to be forced on LAMS restricts for 3 years but I have to deal with it. I believe taking an R6 or similar to the track will quench the thirst I have and it’s much wiser than me riding one on the street. (btw I would tow it to the track). I’m intrigued by amateur racing so in my mind starting on a 250 seems the logical and if I started to race then I would probably invest in a 250 but for now I really want a 600.. What are your thoughts and experiences?
  2. If you're serious about racing join the ninja 300 class. Cheap and affordable and will tick the boxes.

    An R6 is fine to punt around the track. Either decision will be a blast. Punt the gpx off as a learner project to someone and raise some cash without the hassle to a set up track bike.

    That said ANY bike is fun on the track. I've seen a lady do eastern creek on a Spada - so what, she was having a ball. Good on her.
  3. I think you already know what you want to do....

    But because we can let's talk it through.
    Shelve the 250gpx idea. It won't be enough on the track for you. Sure it will be fun but not enough.
    250 2-Stroke will be awesome fun but the hassle which comes with it won't make it worth while. You'll spend more time tinkering than playing.

    Lionz is spot on if racing is more than a passing thought grab a 300 Ninja which is already set up.
    There's a few for sale in the classifieds.
    Good fun when playing with others on 300s but just my thoughts you'll get sick of it on normal track days.

    Your right taking your roady will be a compromise. Nobody wants to drop their roady and invariably it will happen. Just depends on when, if your planning to do lots of track days. No insurance on the track.......

    So it leads back to your original thoughts. A 600 tracky. Don't stress if the bodywork is rough just worry about mechanical issues etc.

    It's rare you'll find one that's not dropped for a reasonable price. 5k will get you one that's 4-7 years old with the additions you want/need.

    You'll get smoked by the thous on the straight but trust me. It's extremely satisfying to stuff it up the inside or go around the outside of them with your leg cocked in the air.

    You'll also become a better rider on a 6 than a thou.

    And you'll become a much better rider on the road. It's funny the faster I've got the more time I have through the corner......obviously not real time but time to disect what is happening around me.
    I went for a ride on a mates bike through some twistes a few months ago. First time on a roadbike in the corners for some time. I don't own a roadbike anymore and all I could think was what a crap rider I used to be.
    I was faster but bucket loads safer than 6plus years ago. Much more in reserve, in case of an issue.
  4. Go a 600cc track bike mate. If u have $3k I'm selling a gsxr600 efi bike with low klms
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  5. There you go, problem solved in less than 2 hours.

  6. The best tip is to take Mrs Lionz with you to get the best price.......
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  7. sssssshh!! Trade secrets ;)
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  8. Go searching for a 600 that someone else has poured money into, don't be scared if it's already been a track bike and or written off.

    Also, don't have your heart set on an R6, they are extremely popular with racers and command higher dollars than the equivalent 600 of other brands. Both my wife and I have 07/08 ZX6r's, we've put very little work into then as they were both ex-race bikes and both had less than 10,000K's on them. You'll find those sorts of bikes for $5,000 and up.
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  9. Hmm a
    What year? any pics?
  10. A ninja 300 interests me but for the same price I could get a older but decent 600...
  11. 2001, 27000 klms, runs great

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  12. What happens on Netrider stays on Netrider........

    whosthatguywhosthatguy - Do yourself a flavour and visit the FB page 'Track junkies sales'. Also visit bikehaggle.com.au.
  13. Yep found Track Junkies sales... Bikehaggle is new to me... thanks GeorgeO