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Track Bike Cost

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Azzab, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Realise this might be a somewhat ambiguous question but what would you expect to pay for a 600cc track bike? Something current say from 2005/06 onwards?

  2. $3000, but only if the turbo works.
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  3. Love turbos.
  4. 4-6k

    You can get cheaper bikes for under 4k if our willing to go a little older.... 00 onwards.

    Eg. I got an 02 tt600 for $2k. Mate of mine just got an 02 cbr600 f4i for $3k

    Both ex race bikes and a cheap way to get into track riding.
  5. Ok do the situation is one of two options.

    Either spend $6500 on a cheap road 600, ride it for a year doing a track day a month, then convert it into a dedicated track bike in the future and but something more road friendly.

    Or spend $10k on a nice 600 now, do the track days, hope I don't bin it over the next year and when I get serious about track riding sell it and buy a dedicated track bike (with all the kit/money spent).

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  6. I got a good deal on mine, they're out there!
    05 gixxer 6, rearsets, case slides, oggys, race glass, carbon dash/fairing stay, yoshi pipe, only 6000ks on it still.
  7. buy a dedicated track bike....it'll be cheaper to buy with some go fast bits already on it so you don't have to spend the extra dollars.
  8. Road friendly and track bike shouldnt be mentioned in the same sentence - you'll spend $$ just getting it to where a comparable sports bike would have been to start with. Equally don't go crazy on a $$ track bike either if you havent ridden track before. If you are unsure still, get an older dedicated track bike, but I'd still suggest even newer, say 06/07 years seemed to be the turning point for suzuki, yamaha and honda. At that vintage, 5.5-7K seems ballpark. The earlier year stuff you mentioned isnt as common and spares arent as easy to find. Also, if you track it, expect to crash it. So with that in mind, don't spend 14K on a road bike and take it to the track, the frown is inevitable so dont be too surprised when it happens. The FX site is a good one, as are the club specific ones, st george, preston mcc, WA one, motorcycle sportsmen of Qld. & plenty of bikes on ebay as well where road riders set up a trackbike then had a change of heart. I think there was recently a red/white 08/09 r6 for about 9K with all road gear and track parts too.
  9. I'm in sort of the same boat, but i want a road bike for track days as well.
    but most time obviously on the road!

    Big 4, 600-1000. seems you can get something around '02 for under $6,000
    (im in tassie so would cost less for mainlanders probly)

    BUT bikes with a little bit of obvious damage or missing fairings etc. can go
    a lot cheaper. If you know what you're looking at to tell if its been crashed etc.
    and you're gonna deck it anyway, why not?

    Except i think i want a really schmick f ucken beast. these GSXR 750's seem so horny. I would be comfortable against 1000's on a 750.

    The choice is so hard! Its like choosing from a group of girls, but you can only pick one!
  10. My track bike owes me about 8.5 grand so far and there's stacks more I want do to it. I started with a road registered 07 cbr600rr with low km and fairing damage, I paid 6k for that, then spent the rest on go fast bits and race glass.

    Definitely would've been better value to buy one already built. the plus side of building it is that I know the bikes history, it had never been raced or crashed seriously, low km (12k when I got it), I got it dyno tuned and it made good power, I've fitted all brand new high quality parts the way I want it. It's only a small compensation though but I plan to keep this bike for ages.

    My honest opinion though is to get an older, smaller capacity bike. I wish I'd just bought a good 400 already set up. The thought would never have crossed my mind until I did a few sessions of my gf's cbr250rr, it blew my mind.
  11. I keep hearing that about the 400's and 250's! Only prob I see atm is that they both attract a stupid premium due to the LAMS market.

    The RVF400 would be my perfect trackbike, old school looks, single sided swing arm and sweet V4. But the dam things are $7k-$8K for a decent one and rememeber they're a 90's model bike. I can buy a 2008 CBR600RR which won supersport of the year for that price!

    Maybe a track only 400 would cost less, thoughts?

  12. That crossed my mind.......... a cheapo CBR400 to thrash around in. Its a perfect idea dude.
  13. Look up VFR400s, similar to RVF400 but non LAMS so much cheaper.
  14. Wicked little race bikes. Yeah checked out the VFR but there is only a handful avail compared to the RVF. Rode a Daytona 675 two days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. Might buy it then sell it when I can afford a track and street bike haha :)

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  15. RGV250 are not LAMs and can be had for silly prices, especially if it needs a rebuild which are easy and cheap.
  16. I used to own an immaculate 08 Daytona SE. Absolute no contest never ridden a better bike. That's my riding style though everyone's different. I did my first TD on it and ended up doing about 4-5 days on it. I was riding it bloody hard but still leaving myself a good margin. Problem was of course there was still every chance i couldve crashed it and i wanted to push closer to the limit. So I sold my baby and decided to go down the track bike route (also had a big run in with the law which helped me sell it). My cbr600rr that I mentioned was a vastly inferior bike in stock form but now that I've converted it to a track bike and done some performance work it's better than the triumph was (still doesn't handle as well but ill be overhauling the suspension soon).

    The trumpets are great but I don't think they make as good a track bike, parts are expensive and the frames are known to break in mild crashes at the track. I think they're a great road bike because they look and go fantastically with no serious (aka illegal) mods required. The jap brands aren't as good stock (my opinion) but respond massively to some simple mods and are extremely proven on the track. I'm happy with my cbr600 as a tracky now if only I could get that 675r I've been drooling about for the road :)
  17. Actually rode the GSXR750. Awesome bike, great power like the 675 but dont know if it is quite as emotive. Only prob is it is WAY comfier haha. Good for those runs down from Brissy to Buringbar.

    After much consideration I have decided to do the same as you UDLOSE. Buy a nice street bike and do occasional track days. Then if I decide I want to get serious about racing buy a cheap trackie, and get me a sweet Thruxton for the road, OH YEAH!